Questions about symbols, their meanings, and their usage (or potential usage)

I’m new to this, and am still unfamiliar with many forms of occult symbology. I found these Characters on a website, with instructions to engrave them into a wand or rod of hazel. Sadly the site, did not cover the meaning of these characters; I am hesitant to use them due to this fact, so if anyone knows their meaning, please tell me; and perhaps if anyone else has a similar issue, you could ask on this thread as well.

This is common in books of magic, especially older ones. Many times they are bastardized characters from an older or foreign language that the original author did not know completely, or copied from someone else.

One suggestion is to break the letters apart individually and see if you can find a common language or dialect among some of them, and then go from there.


In Old Norse the word means ‘letter’, ‘text’ or ‘inscription’. The word also means 'mystery’
A lot of symbols are in nature, so can be seen while using rocks, or crystals, or leaves . “Patterns” are a part of this idea, but symbols usually are individualized, or even a pattern within a pattern.

the number 8 is a symbol for infinity because of its endless snaking to make the 2 circles into one.

What you are asking about are the sigils. usually created and held secret. Some people leave them places, or create pattern of them. A type of marking territory. I actually have used random sigils I see around. I’ll ask the sigil for help and in return pact with it give it some energy back. Even If I Didn’t intend to pact with it, the use of it alone or just seeing it empowers it.

Suggestions for useage:

Here is the best guide I Know of concerning magickal weapons and symbols:

ideas? it is especially important to create your own sigils…if you want success. The only secret I’m personally willing to enclose to you right now is that when you have started a working, use a SYMBOL to be like a cover of a book, leave this at your BASE.

Spirit’s advice: take a piece of the paper with you, to hold or leave somewhere.

The tip: the more complex (Jupiter style), …however, simple (moon style), the safer.

Secret: When out in your field work, on-the-spot magick is best taken advantage of by the chaos magician’s instinct (moon style), and so when making a on-the-spot original sigil for something, the best style to combine with this instinct is Venus (Desire) or Saturn (self unknowing), most of THOSE sigils you can make a COPY of (quickly as if you’re on a timer or difusing a bomb) or just leave to never be seen again.

COLOR is another thing in itself, I would suggest trying to create a table to correspond to, aswell limiting (Saturn again) yourself to save TIME.

For example, I would recommend using BLUE for your sigils…blue paper or blue ink. As this kind of magick I find very similar to the symbols of candle colors.

OTHER places of communication:

Words can be spoken (everyones seen an image of a “religious” figure blessing with words and water
Behind a symbol, language is hidden, spelling out a sigil. Most sigils are complex and if you could unfold them (like an accordion) You may see sentences or even paragraphs of WORDS.

For a spirit stick (Mesopotamian magick

I find Messopotamian magick the most frustrating, Its mostly half completed, and like the one below, I have no idea why the numbers are there. HOWEVER, if you stand back and look at this, you can see certain truth to be applied to your stick. If I was a guide or cult leader I would give this to a student as a test into a high grade of initiation. Lots to learn in this topic, good topic.

  • (you take) the beads from the belt of a woman who does not give birth easily

NA4,MEŠ MURUB4.MEŠ ša sin= ništi la mušteširiti

you string these nine stones (previously enumerated, on several kinds of strings made of wool, sinews, etc.)

9 NA4.MEŠ annûti … tašakkak

you make seven loops and tie seven knots between these stones and you recite the conjuration whenever you tie a knot.

ina biril NA4.ME 7 lappi talappanp 7 riksi tarakkas ema tarakkasu EN2 … tamannu

fifteen stones against paralysis of the right side

15 NA4.MEŠ šimmat ša A.15

beads (for the case) when a manès hands tremble.

NA4.MEŠ šumma amelu qatašu ira uba

a stone (to be worn) for giving orders and being obeyed.

NA4 qabê u magari (alallu-stone.)

stone for placeing locks upon tiamat

NA4 nadê ?argull?i seriš tâmtim

in spirit sticking, If you’re not working intentionally with negative spirits, I would recommend starting with a stick concerning protection/guidance.

Tho I think in the end the stick is far more complicated than the use of daggers/knives (that are mostly NOT used) the both are very much related (in craft and use of symbols) The stick is easier to get around with undetected aswell ward enemies. I would not consider any wand or similar “magician’s tool” as a spirit stick.

A guide for finding a stick, 2 Routes,
Let the stick come to you, let it be like no other. Let none be in its way. Tho may many come before it.

There is no loss from where you find it, there is no value to its death. It’s a stick on the ground. A gift.

OR, research sticks and find a masterful one based on you/planet/dirt/season

Just as you were probably given a knife when you were younger to eat, you are now being given a knife now for display. A stick was a toy, a stick is a way.

Not sure, it looks like someone took Futhark runes and Enochian and mixed the letters, warping the shapes a bit. Never seen this specific text before.

Was it this site?

That doesn’t have a translation but it might point towards what script/s they may have been derived from.

I actually found it on this site; I can not speak on the credibility of it, Nor will I use it as my be all end all source in these matters; but this is where I found it.

But thanks for the links and advice.