Questions about sigil. Konstantinos vs EA

So I bought Konstantinos’s. “Summoning Spirits” mainly for information on more of the angelic and elemental spirits out there.
But I noticed his sigils for the Archangels and Elemental kings differ from EA’s sigils.
Has anyone used Konstantinos’s sigils for these entities?
Are they different aspects of these entities?
Konstantinos’s description of the spirits and their abilities are pretty much the same so that’s why I’m confused.

Thanks for any advice.

Konstantinos’ sigils are better than EA’s. I tested both and the K ones work much faster.

But the ones that are best are actually the ancient grimoire seals.

I cant say whose seals are better but there are various seals for each and every spirit. Seals are created by magicians themselves via the Rose Cross or Magic Squares or given to them by the spirits themselves. The best seal is the one given from the spirit itself.

[quote=“Elison, post:2, topic:2707”]Konstantinos’ sigils are better than EA’s. I tested both and the K ones work much faster.

But the ones that are best are actually the ancient grimoire seals.[/quote]

What grimoires?

I remember reading S.V.E.'s posts (I miss that guy) and seeing how he got personal seals from the spirits made me want to do the same.

Konstantinos does go over a method of getting the spirit to sign their name for you as a way to validate its identity. I would use that signature as a sigil after you get it.

Thanks guys.
And I second TWF’s question of what grimoires contain these spirits sigil’s?
Anyway I just evoked Paralda with Konstantinos’s sigil and felt a very strong pressence.
It may have been due to me performing tje Middle Pillar exercise,clearing the ares with salt water,tracing an air invoking pentagram calling on the spirits of air to herald the coming of their king,and lighting a yellow candle annointed with psychic vision oil and inscribing it with my intent. lol
Yeah I’d say all that had more to do with Paralda’s coming than the sigil.

But Paralda kind of frustrated me when I told him my desire and he gave me the same fucking exercises I’ve heard from every spirit on the desire I wish to accomplish.

I got kinda shitty and said "I’ve done this COUNTLESS.times.This is YOUR. task to perform in helping me with!"
He told me to calm down and I could sense kind of a chuckle like a father would chuckle at their frustrated child.

He said “Ok here’s a new one.Do this and I’ll help.You hold up your end of the bargain and I’ll hold up mine”

I told him to get to work right now and I’ll do the exercises.

I’ve put in the work nut don’t feel like it’s from help from entities.

Fuck it.More power to me on my progress.

@TWF & Musta, the Heptameron is one.

Yeah that book has some great seals for the aerial spirits.

I’ve ordered/bought A LOT of occult books in the past week so that will be the next.

I think I’m gonna take a short break from majick after this thing with the shade I’m dealing with is over and study,study,study.

At the beginning of my occult career I thought I could just pick up a grimoire and start summoning demons to make my life a paradise.
But the learning is also through experience as well so I’m going to find a balance of study and practical application of majick.

My goal is to study different systems and see what works well together and come up with my own methods while trying to avoid system jumping.

Quite a task.

Musta, system jumping is how new systems are created. Do you think I’ve ever done the same working twice? I hate repeating myself.

Don’t study a system unless you’re studying spirits. Just get into the thick of it and DO it.

And believe it or not, you very well can summon demons and make your life a paradise. Just because you don’t think the spirit is there, doesn’t mean it isn’t.