Questions about My situation with Succubus

Well I have a question about succubus, because I am a little confused right now. Currently what is going on with me right now is that I have 2 - 5 succubus that are just plain killing right now. I can feel them literally draining my energy every second that goes by.

I am going to start, and try banishing them by taking a shower, just cleansing my negative energy, doubts, stress, and other bad things. Then, meditating before I go to sleep, and ignoring the hell out of them. My first question is that will this work? My gut is saying no, but I pray it will.

I’ve also noticed that I keep seeing angel numbers like 666, 34, 43, 7, 4, 12, and 100. In addition, I am starting to see pentagrams, and I see like a burning red eye on the corner of my eye for like a millisecond, and it disappears. After that, I randomly think about Satan. I feel like I’m going crazy.

So number one, are the succubus who are practically killing me, also sending me angel numbers???
Like who is sending the angel numbers?
Are succubus even capable of doing that?
Why am I seeing pentagrams?

The two questions I need answered are will my method of banishing work, and are succubus capable of sending angel numbers?

Probably not. In your place, I would try the LBRP. It is a very powerful rite.

Well, I’ve never heard about this and people here has said essentially everything you may think of about succubi and whatnot. So, the real question, why would they send you anything angel-related?

Now, I don’t want to join a certain circle jerk that believes that succubi are perfect and if something goes wrong is never their fault or it is an impostor, but yeah, it can be an impostor/parasite. So, a heads up: Hecate fucking hates them and likes to crush them very much. I think it makes her happy. Just saying, in case you need her (she also likes to help poor idiots like me, so if you need her, chances are, she’ll help you).


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Probably not. Listen to @ReyCuervo, rather do the LBRP.

Alternatively, I would recommend you get the book “Magickal Protection” by Damon Brand, buy the ebook on Amazon, it’s quite cheap but some of the most powerful protection magick out there. Do the banishing ritual on there along with the Master Protection Ritual. There’s a very powerful ritual in there to remove parasites. I think there’s also a ritual to remove anyone who drains your energy, which might be more appropriate.

Did you ask for these Succubi?

Edit: My bad, the ritual to remove someone who drains your energy is from another book. In that one, that ritual IS the ritual to remove parasites, so that’s what you’re looking for. Do the previous two rituals I mentioned while you do that ritual.


I believe the numbers are from your higher self and its showing you pentagrams to guide you with your banishing! The LBRP uses pentagrams to banish! And you can invoke with it as well! Its a hint! Your “divine self” is trying to guide you on how to get out of your situation!
1 succubus can be draining enough to maintain! How did you end up with 5? If you called them then you can revoke their contracts and they will leave! If they just came without a contract then its a problem you will need to protect yourself from! If asking nicely doesn’t work then you will have to be strong enough to fight them!


It is 6:06 AM in American Midwestern Time, and I feel much better now about this situation. I will add a little bit of new context on my current situation, and give my honest opinions on the replies I have received.

I will do the LBRP ritual later today, and I was thinking of evocating Hecate. However, Due to circumstances I will explain later on, I will not be doing that.

I know I haven’t properly introduced myself in the Balg forum. It’s kind of of hard of following rules while your desperate for an answer, but I feel a lot better about this situation so I will work on that too.

I honestly do not know how I got the succubi. Basically, on February 2020, I lied down on my bed, and asked for one. That’s it. Others did like letter of intents to Lilith, and stuff like that. However, I just asked for one while lying down on my bed and boom. Eventually, I am certain the succubus (I summoned?) had different intentions, and called her “friends.”

It actually kind of makes sense that the angel numbers are coming from my higher self. I know the succubi that are currently with me have bad intentions for me, however before I knew that, they also helped me as well??? I keep thinking that it might be Satan, but I might just be going crazy. However, when I think it through, it doesn’t seem entirely crazy. I mean like I have to do this by my(self), I have to overcome these fucking parasites by my(self), as well as personal issues, and my Emotional Breakdowns. My mind keeps saying to me to “call Satan,” however these can also probably be my succubus trying to confuse, and trick me.

I have come up with a plan. I will do the LBRP ritual soon today, and get rid of these damn succubi. I will not give up, I will have faith in myself, and accomplish this. It feels kind of weird saying this especially from someone like me because I am usually a very negative person. I’ve always hated myself because I could not meet up to people’s standards. Basically I think I am 10 pounds of shit, in a 5 pound bag. But today, I feel different. I feel more positive overall, and I am starting to see angel number 23 right now.

I am also thinking of evocating Satan tomorrow if the banishing works on my first attempt (Probably not), and I’ve noticed that Thursday is ideal for evocating Satan. Nice. But then again, I’m not sure. Should I?


Succubi are predators and parasites. While they can bring some benefits if you cannot hold control of your energy and patterns you should destroy them and reintegrate the energy they took from you. Succubi and other such parasitic entities are responsible for a lot of misery and often the so called beneficial succubi people acquire are not actually succubi but either are unconsciously created entities or helpful entities that will pose as a succubi to meet expectation in order to form a more symbiotic relationship.

Those that deal with real succubi either have a strong enough grasp on their energy to not fall victim or a naturally resilient field. When dealing with succubi entities keep in mind they are predators and need to be treated as such. You should keep them fed off peripheral energy and not core energy or remake them.

As for the numbers that is up to what it means to you. The universe will not communicate in a language you do not understand.

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Ok so there is an agreement here! So its there as long as you want it there, which means revoking your intent for a succubus should work! But you have to really really mean it! And then keep up the LBRP daily for a month or 33 days! To make sure you banish all ties with it! Because it will tempt you to call it back!
It is dangerous the way you called it because there isn’t much of rules set for the relationship so it can do whatever it wants as long as it meets your intent of being with you! The letter of intent is a guideline to protect you from this! A proper contract that protect you from being used and abused is important when summoning a succubus! And getting it from a major spirit helps keeping it under control for your best interest!

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Dude, sorry, I’m flagging you.

From what I’ve seen you’ve been repeatedly asked to introduce yourself as it is the rule of this forum. I don’t get how writing a few sentences about yourself is more difficult than writing all these messages :confused:

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She is not going to do anything like that if I’m the one to ask. Also, I don’t know if she generally does that either. She may take you as student or whatever, though.

Yes you can. Get an iron bar or anything made of iron and put it under your bed. Take a bath with the explicit intention of cleaning yourself from negative energies.

Then, listen to her:

Once everything is ready you may proceed to learn evocation or any other skill needed… but the one thing you have to do is the LBRP. It is a powerful rite. It will help.


Tell your friend succubus seph wants a word :grin:lol

And more he wants someone to summon some other entity to deal with his problems…

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