Questions about mixing normal magic tricks with real magick

I just saw a normal guy who do some magic tricks we all know about but this guy is different he did some things were beyond logic some things I was amazed on how he did them he is an Egyptian guy by the way who appeared on a famous TV talkshow in Egypt and did all of that. First things he did some few card tricks then he was able to change 100 egyptian pound to a 100 Dollars then he was able to open iphone face id by looking in the eye of the owner then he looked at the phone and it was opened then he also got 3 randoms 2 guys and 1 girl from the studio told them to think of any name or country and dont say the words then he opened a paper and it had the 3 names and opened an apple or something and inside of it had a paper he prepared it day before the show and the paper had the 3 names they said. Also he was able to take one of the guys phone it was android and he kept saying his password had 2 letters and numbers and was able to know the password by looking at him and he opened the phone also the next show he had set of papers written in it random meals and told the TV show host to choose random one and dont say about it then he brought a small plate or something and he told the tv host to imagine he is going to the kitchen and preparing the meal then he was holding the closed plate and felt it was hot then he smelt it and opened the plate and the meal he chose was inside of it my question is I have a background about occult and magick and astral plane and energy,chackras,third eye and all of that is this guy uses any kind of magick or has his third eye opened so he can perform all of these tricks also he played few games with tv show card games and brought a number and then chose random girl from the studio and made her type that number and he charged her phone with 70 LE credits for free this is the link of the episode if you guys wanna see it (its in arabic but you will understand most of the tricks because I said it here) watch from 9:46 and you will see the tricks I am talking about it by the way Iam from Egypt and because my father lived in United States and I used to go there alot in the summer and now I live in New York City and since I was a kid I loved searching the web and reading about spirituality and magick problem people in Egypt Doesnt undersatnd all of this shit they say its work of the devil and dont even try to understand basic stuff like energy and occult but this guy I bet he knows all of this what you guys say?

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Hmm, I’ve never heard of this guy but watching a few minutes of the video to me, it just seems like alot of psychology. He has an overwhelming fan base and trys to advertise his social media pages. If I had supernatural powers like that I’d keep it a hidden gem. But that’s just my opinion, he knows how to impress though!

Yeah, I was amazed on how he does all of these stuff and he says its just magic tricks the TV shows believes its not just magic tricks to be able to do all of that and I also believe its something supernatural or some kind of magick to be able to that am I right?

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I mean it’s possible yeah, but like I said I wouldn’t tell anyone about it or use it to boast for online attention lol

if anyone else have an explanation about this guy please tell us might be helpful on how he does these things

Most likely that the random people are paid and in on the trick

Maybe but there are other tricks have done without these random people like asking the Host guy to open his whatsapp and pick a random chat then close his iphone then he told him the name of the chat and also more amazing than that while the iphone was close he put it in his heart and ordered it to play a voice note from the very same chat while the iphone being closed and he said he can open any closed phone whether its iphone or samsung or any other kind and also he said he can know anyone’s facebook password if he worked on it clearly he can read minds he said that and he can also read subconscious mind but how he does that.

Look up mentalism illusions magic