Questions about legit E.A. Books

What is the difference between evoking eternity the black one and the orangish/red one. I found a couple copies of evoking eternity by EA (it says) for around 33. I also found and bought a new never opened book of Azazel for $99. Also found the spider and the green butterfly for under $200. Man I’m like panicking on which to buy next. I got the BOA, I bought Ipsissimus for $21 and now contemplating what to snatch up next. The evoking eternity that I was concerned about says Chthonian Edition and I believe it is Leilah publications, Is the literature in the two books exactly the same?
Man there are some books out there now for great prices. I found the BOA on ebay and there were no bids with only 6 hours left. I placed 1 bid for $99 forgot to check near the end of the auction and figured I lost it and I won. Two books below that one there is another BOA for like 6 hundred spider and the green butterfly for under 2 sounds even better.

From what I gather, don’t get the Leilah version of Evoking Eternity. EA himself said they deliberately screwed some of it up. Try doing a search for “Leilah Evoking Eternity” to read it yourself.

Also, if you already have the Complete Works ordered, the only book you will lack is The Spider and the Green Butterfly. If you get the others, you’re basically just getting another copy for yourself (not a bad thing) - and likely a good investment as well.

It may be helpful to have them as individual books though, as the CW is going to be a pretty big book.

I didn’t get the works, My wife went into an alcoholic storm over the holidays and It just escaped me. Thanks for the info. I could not find a copy of evoking eternity under 4 hundred Ill have to keep looking. Thanks for the heads up.

i bought Leilah editions of Ipsissimus and Evoking Eternity and i was quite puzzled with low quality of covers and print. so, when E.A. spoke openly on his relationship with Leilah, i was angered and relieved. i am so looking forward to complete works…

If anyone has not ordered the book, but wants to, there is a very small chance you can get it, because we may have a few extra copies.

By no means will ever release more, but we may have a handful extra because printing/binding companies have what are called “overages” where they deliberately make a few extra in case any get damaged.

If you’d like to join our list to learn about any overages, go to our help desk:

That’s fucked up. So what is in evoking eternity in one publication (wording) Is not in the other?? E.A. I would of sued the shit out of those pricks!

EA - have you ever considered producing and then sharing an online errata for the Leilah version of Evoking Eternity? That version is much more commonly available, and it would do a great service to those who have it to be able to print out a few pages to slide into their book with the important corrections.

“That’s fucked up. So what is in evoking eternity in one publication (wording) Is not in the other?? E.A. I would of sued the shit out of those pricks!”

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