Questions about initiation & attunement of Reiki

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I saw a video of Disco Demonic and he was talking about Dark Reiki.
i contacted him and ask him about this Dark Reiki. he said is cost 200 bucks for the a attunement and symbols. he also said that one could ask the demons for this attunement. my question is are all demons capable of this? if not which Demon should i ask for this attunement?
Also i would like to know if one has Reiki energy, if that will be beneficial for the purpose of the opening of psychic senses?

There’s no such thing as dark reiki, reiki is simply channeling external energy to heal. Things like angelic reiki, dark reiki, rainbow reiki is all new age and aren’t really a thing. This person is more than likely full of it.

Demons are capable of healing and people are capable of channeling demonic energy through them. Whether that energy harms them are not is up to chance as not everyone is compatible with a demon’s energy.


There is a a vampiric reiki but this pathworking is for advanced practitioners who have at least Level 2 in normal reiki. It is basically inverted reiki. Lots of good energy vampires have that


There is not such a thing!! There is only one reiki! The best attunement is the one you will do for yourself!


No there isn’t x.x literally it defeats the purpose of reiki lol. Energy vampires do something completely different and it sure aint reiki.

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It seems to be a New Age thing to slap some kind of label in front of a known system and call it good.

Not all systems of energy work are Reiki, so calling something “Dark Reiki” doesn’t actually make it Reiki. and the person doing it is simply trying to capitalise on the popularity of the Reiki current.


Reiki is relatively new! Lots of energy workers observe that love and light Nonsense doesn’t fit so instinctively try to use and adapt it to their own. You just have to try it! the system functions but is very limited so for blackmagicians probably isn’t an Official center yet but lots of them turned it into vampiric reiki to adapt it to their own vibes.


How does somebody attune his self? I dont know anything about Reiki. so i try to figure out how i can get this type of energy. can you please tell me more

yes that very true, but i forgot to say that he said its not the same as Reiki, but its similar because some people don’t want to work with light. so he channeled symbols and such from demons. to have access to there healing energy.

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Well my reiki Master did it some 11 years ago and was difficult cause he is a so called light worker and at that time i was working with different vibration entities bringers of death, illness, accidents and Destruction.

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Those Entities sounds like the Brothers, can you give names bro ?

More like Legions

There is no such thing as dark reiki, light reiki, etc. Reiki is Reiki, period.

Reiki is divided in 3 levels. The first level is for yourself, for self-healing and deepen understanding of one’s self. Level 2 allows you to deeper the knowledge, obtaining access to sacred symbols and heal others. Level 3 is similar to level 2, but more advanced and with an extra symbol. Then you have the Master level which is if you want to initiate others in to the path.

With that said, sacred symbols are exactly that, sacred. You’re not going about defiling sacred symbols like demonic sigils, so why try it with other things such has Reiki?

Also, there’s no such thing as “inverted reiki” or “dark reiki” or whatever. Reiki is reiki. It’s energy to heal and attunment to the universe. Hope this clarifies, from a lv3 Reiki practitioner.

Also, Reiki is not a part of religion. Reiki is a technique, and actually considered an alternative therapy technique, so it has undergone clinical trials. Please, be wary and always study these things. Some people are way too edgy and come up with riddiculous and insulting concepts.


That’s interesting that some people Limit and restrict themselves gladly but reiki is a sistem that functions and it functions on plants, people and even objects ( involving Electricity) to repair them. Practically the power of reiki is still to be studied and it will sure evolve in different directions as because this allready does. By the way the energy of the Universe is light for the so called light workers who are blinded by the only light they see :wink:


Thank you for this lol like when I see the made up forms of reiki just to pamper some “darkness is love darkness is life” or all the other weirdly made up reiki forms it’s insane xD

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Yes, Reiki can be used on anything that’s living and it can linger on objects, just like any type of energy can. Reiki is a system for itself. There’s still a lot to discover about it of course, however it is used in hospitals currently, so there is science behind it. I don’t understand your last comment, but most people are blinded by their own arrogance of preception of knowledge, that I agree with.

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It’s just insane how people can be so edgy and try to twist everything. There’s no respect for the sacred anymore.

People want the easy way, the “edgy” and attractive way. Instead of actually finding beauty in the process itself, they just search the easy way.