Questions about feeling the demon presence


So this will be a dabler question with E.A method, I hoppe that older students will be able to help.
When you use the method, how do you sense the demon ?
My case, I come most of the time when gazing in the sigil to make it “flash”, I really feel at the crossroad, I see static rain, I able to feel a strong energetic thing happening inside the circle as if all inside the circle was a kind of “reactor”. I feel that the substance around me become more and more tangible, that’s things move inside.

But I don’t really have different feeling with the several demons that I evoke. I evoked Eligos, Belial and Sitri. There supposed to be very different, but the sensation I have is pretty the same with each of them. So the way I use to communicate is to use the “inner voice”. To defeat the awesome Randy, I let on the side the idea that this voice could be myself, I let it flow as the voice of “what’s around me”.But I am a little disapointed. For exemple I don’t have a extraordinary feeling of a lust presence with sitri, or the presence of a warrior with Eligos, I just feel the "living substance " around me and I let this voice flow…

Can I have your opinion ?


Hello Narcissus,

I cannot speak for everyone or generalize, but the expectation of a particular presence for a particular entity should be discarded. There are a few reasons to this, chief of which is misconception or personal delusion. Your main goal should be the capacity to receive information and transmit information in turn. How the entities appear, be it in form or sensation is largely left to them and your less conscious processes. In essence, what you as the operator should be concerned with is the purpose and objective of the task at hand.

The timespan seems to vary between different people, but it appears the deeper you can into these experiences and the longer you hold them, the distinction between your outer and inner senses will gradually break down. I remember E.A describing it as eventually being such that your inner senses are projected onto the other due to how real it seems to be for you.

So, in essence. Just pat yourself on the back for your progress so far, and continue to push forward. Practice, practice and practice and things will be changing as they should.


This makes some sense being I’ve been having trouble feeling the presence.Thanks for the post brother.