Questions about demonic possession

I have a mentor demon in my body. I’m just wondering as to what he does for fun! He doesn’t leave my body. He only communicates with me when I’m worried about something or when I’m scared. His communication involves moving around in my body. If I’m worried or fearful he moves around to let me know everything is okay and to relax.
He doesn’t do anything else.
He is waiting for me to open my third eye
so I can actually communicate with him and work with him.
Does he see what I see? Where does he reside in my body?
Does he feel what I feel mentally physically emotionally?
Could he take full possession of me if he actually wanted too?
Is there any benefits of having a demon within ones body? (Any benefits) Communication benefits or me getting the power to know what he knows?
I’m just curious as to what purpose does it serve for him to be in my body!
Ounce my eye is open. If he decides to stay in my body what purpose does him staying in my body have? I would rather have a conversation with him seeing him talking to him laughing with him etc instead of him telling me what to do how to do something trying to figure out what he means. Which is only gonna frustrate me and make me obsess about he’s talking about get angry and eventually give up. I’m more of a let’s talk have a conversation n let’s have some fun funny times show me how to do it type of person.

How do you know he’s there, if your senses aren’t awakened? Perhaps you mentioned it in another post, but I missed it. I’m legitimately curious, though I don’t delve into invocation or possessions so I do not have the answers you seek :slight_smile:

So…how is it a mentor if it doesn’t communicate?

If it were me, I’d eject it from my body and banish the hell out of the area. I don’t have time to play with parasites, which is what it seems to be.

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I had Beelzebub with me when I was starting and his presence was kind of similar. However I would suggest you to fully verify the spirit identity.

I know the spirits name.
He was sent by someone in the underworld to help me along my journey. So same as you