Questions about demonic pact and summoning

Hi, i have many questions regarding this matter and instead making new thread for each question, i decided to just write it all in one thread and have you all who stumble upon my thread to answer it or give me advices.

  1. As fas as i know, daemons are omnipresent. Is this true? If true, then should i evoke an entity outside their working hours? Just in case they still assist someone else who already evoked them.

  2. Is Lucifer powerfull enough to help you with anything like wealth, power, love, fame? Or each entity have some kind of speciality?

  3. What is difference between evocation, invication, making a pact, working with and selling your soul to the daemon?

  4. Is making a pact with the devil is the same as selling our soul to the devil? Because i read the step by step to do it is exactly the same.

  5. I know some spell to get something, do i need to make a pact with a daemon first to make the spell work or can i just do it anyway?

  6. How could you comunicate with your daemon if you can’t see him or feel his energy?

  7. What is astral temple and can i build my own? Or i just can visit one that already built?

  8. If i want to make a pact, can i write it in any language or should i write it in english?

  9. What kind of sacrifices you made so far when you work with entity? Did you just give them offerings such as food, drinks etc. Or did they asked for something more complex like something valuables or something you love in exchange for your request?

  10. Can i used turned off phone as my scrying mirror? Because having one is going to get me into trouble (i still can get away with colorfull and scented candles since i making decorating candles with them)

So… Those are my questions and i hope some of you guys may enlighten me…

Thank you in advance


I’m not going to answer each one individually and refer back as it’s rather lengthy.
Demons are always listening and you CAN summon them anytime. I would research if they were a day or night demon though and try to stick with that. Once you have a relationshop with an entity, call them anytime.
Lucifer is limitless and can do anything . A Jack of all trades so to speak. He very powerful but he does not like laziness or lies.
Evoking is calling them in to your space to communicate . Invoking is calling them into YOU.
You don’t need to sell your soul. Actually, don’t do that ever. A pact is a contract to receive some thing for some thing in return .
Offerings like food, candles, time, alcohol, recognition, personal artwork etc are all good and acceptable.
You don’t need to sacrifice anything . If you want to give blood, a DROP of your OWN is the way to go.
Write in the language you’re comfortable with.
You dont need demons to cast spells.
I wouldn’t use an electronic device for a scrying or anything magick related, but that’s just me.


what if you call lucifer and leave food on a plate and its there the next day do you throw it out what do you do with it ,or is there a certain way you would discharge the food

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Thank you so much @AradiaX for ur respond, it’s really helpfull. If may ask, why we shouldn’t use any electronic object as a scrying mirror? Can u explain that?

And, to have a “relationship”, did u mean that i need to make a pact with the demon or can i just evoke them?

Are make a pact and evoking is thr same thing or different thing?

Thank you again in advance

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@Evildead1 if im not wrong, u throw it away after some period of time. But let’s get some one with experience to answer that question too…

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No problem! And I wouldn’t use an electronic although you could in a pinch . What if your phone rings or you get a message? You could easily make a black mirror cheaply. Get a picture frame and you can paint the glass matte black or get a good quality dark paper from a craft store and put it inside. Bingo. Easy.
You don’t need a pact to summon or evoke or anything like that. A pact is for more long term projects like helping you with your ascension. Not a relatively simple task.
By relationship I mean a demon you are working with for more than one thing and are attached to. This doesn’t mean worship either . It’s more like a respectful friendship, not just using them when it suits your needs.


If I can leave it outside I will but most times I throw it out. He’s already “fed” on it.


Oh, i see… Before this, i thought that i need to make a pact with one and each demons i want to work with. And since i thought that i need to offer my soul in exchange, i guess i can only make a pact with one demon because i only have one soul to begin with. Also, i read somewhere in the internet that any entity don’t like if we called them on a whimp, if we don’t have anything to ask or to offer, they will find it unrespectfull towards them, so i’m a litle bit confused to have a relationship with them, what u ussually do when u don’t have favor to ask but want to keep maintain your relationship with them?

And, if you don’t mind…
Could you explain to me what to do to envoke them? Is summon them with their sigil is good enough or should i make offering on the first time i summon them?

Thank you again @AradiaX

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To evoke get a copy of their seal and have an offering ready. Meditate and chant their enn - you can search most on this site. When you feel them present state your case and thank them for coming. Voila .
You don’t need a pact. I don’t have any right now and I have a very complex relationship with Lucifer. You never sell your soul unless for some reason you really want to which is highly unadvised.


If you cant have a scrying mirror use a bowl of water with the onside of the bowl painted black.
Or as said earlier get a photo framme with glas paint the board behind the glas black and put a photo over it when not in use, that way when you need it, open the frame, remove photo and put frame back together takes 15 sec.
Then you have it hidden in plane sight.
I would recomed getting EA maskering evocation course but If you cant have tools openplay then getting that course might be problematic for you aswell.
For basic evocation you have allready been given the steps you need, next step is to learn to see and hear the spirits, EA recomends the divination course for that i believe but thats a suggestion not something you have to do.
Trust your intuition, read on this and other sources online or books for more info.
Many here starts working with the Goetia demons, and that pdf you can easily find free online.
There are many approches to how you should do evocation and start working towards it.
And here you should try find a method that ”calls” to you.
Do you like a minimalistic style with no nonsense and straight to the core, or do you see that you need all the fansy tools and elaborate rituals and ceremonies?
Both works and i would say none is superior to the other its different tools to make the same job and not all tools are suited for all ppl.


About the astral temple, basically you close the eyes and start to visualize/build it from outside (it may be a Pyramid or a Greek temple, and so on) then indoor… This is covered in Zalbarath and Joy of Satan websites, also in Dolores Ashcroft Nowicki’s “The ritual magic workbook”.


@AradiaX Thanks alot for all those answers and explanation u gave me. I hope i can help u too in the future.

@Dinmiatus thank you for linked usefull thread to me.

@Grimner i am curious. What is EA stands for? And can i find any information about it in this forum?
That’s a nice ideas about a scrying mirror and i agree with you as a beginner, i will work with goetia demons as you adviced. I do prefer more simple aproach with demons i will work with, i just tought that any tools or rituals and ceremonies are necessaries for showing respect and apreciations towards them. Maybe i’m wrong…

@fapa79 to build my astral temple should i open my third eye first or do some kind of mind exercise or can i just “imagine” it to build it? If so, how can i be sure that “it” going to be my astral temple? Do i need to do any steps or rituals to build it?


If you want to be sure, build the astral temple closing the eyes without going into trance, or keep the eyes open and enter a trance (there are some methods…). Opening the third eye or ritualizing the procedure may help, but the act itself may suffice. Really, the visualization in some degree opens the third eye and changes the mind state.
Another example: the outside of a Left Hand astral temple could be a gothic castle… Build it gradually, and finally open the door. Each time you visualize the exterior (in this way “confirming” it), then enter. Afterwards you proceed, likewise gradually, with the floor, the furniture etc.


I see… Thank you very much… I’ll look it up the method…


EA Koetting is whom i refered to, so look at the courses and books he and assosiates have on the becomealivinggod website.
He have a good minimalistic approach with only what you need.
And many on this forum have the same idea so you will hopefully get all you need here(:smile:


Oh, so it was a name… Ok, i’ll look it up. Thanks for ur response :smile:

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Oh i cant believe that i forgot to mentorn this. Look at EA Koetting youtube channel aswell lots of videos with alot of interesting info.


This person have a channel??? Awesome. I’m gonna check it out.

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Can I just ask a really dumb question? What does scrying do and how do you do you use a scrying mirror. Good advice by the way you have, I know to be really sure, be of stable mind and do lengthy research before you summon up a demon

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