Questions about Dantalion

I’m working “with” Dantalion. I everyday meditate, say their enn, look at their sigil. I did a petition for my wish and I wish that they would do it in one week, I am still working, they didn’t make themselves known to me. I’ll still continue to meditate and etc. Should I make a new petition?

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And the problem is I can’t do rituals at where I am living. Just sigil and meditation.

He can hear you…but you just need to meditate to open up your senses to him… if you aren’t already


Don’t expect him to do this for you either…you can ask him for a sign if it’s positive or negative.


Do 10 petitions as an experiment , try different ones and record which ones work , then expand on those results for better and better results , time and patience


Meditating every day with an entity is not a bad idea only if your meditation is targeted to build a connection with him/her or to gain his/her knowledge. If your work is regarding a specific desire that you’d like to be fullfilled - you’ll get results the time you forget about it.