Questions about Childhood experiences

Hi E.A. Firstly I just want to say I’ve been watching your videos and I have found myself in awe of your openness and the depth that you go into the subject matter.

When I was a kid there’s no doubt that I could see and hear spirits, I could even see the ‘conciousnesses’ of people leave their bodies whilst they slept (although I didnt truly understand what was happening at the time)

However, there are a few experiences that I really would like some help in understanding. I’ll start with one that seems most relevant to what I’ve seen you discuss so far… and end with the one that honestly most people would have a hard time taking me serious about.

First, In recent years I had a dream that I was in a desert or a sun scorced bushland, it was night time though and I was sat at a fire on a log. the log was one of three logs aranged in a triangle around the fire. suddenly a man sat on one of the other logs to my left, we were both facing the flames. He appeared to be an african man wearing traditional clothing, he had a deep voice. he reached into the flames with his hand and pulled out what looked like a perfect sphere of flames or something molten, with that he explained that “heaven is without, and hell is within” there was a pause then he looked at me and said “come with me to hell” at which point I stood up and said “that would be a stupid deal” I then immediately woke up.
Following this I had another dream where I was trapped in a building it was like a series of obstacles from one room to the next, but eventually, I got out where I saw the same man stood infront of me laughing, in a rage I attacked him, I took him to the ground and began beating him with my fists which seemed to do nothing but further amuse him… out of nowhere a european looking person tackled me and thew me off the first man, the second man then said “you’re not supposed to fight him” and then I woke up… Whilst I didnt have any more dreams, I did see a psychic for fun once, she described this man to me perfectly, even his laugh, but she seemed confused, she seemed to think he was my grandfather because this person was talking about a watch I own that used to be my grandfather’s but I’ve seen both of my grandfathers and neither of them are like this person at all!
My mom seems to think I was under attack by an actual person, I’m just unsure, all im sure of is that in my dreams I reacted with fear and anger, what is your take on this experience?

The second experience I wont hold against you if you dont have any answer for it, so far no one else has been able to explain it.
The short version is that when I was a kid I used to love my dogs, maybe even more than I cared about people, they were family to me like brothers and sisters. One day my aunts had come over with one of their infants, and my youngest alsatian decided to play with the infant… this would have been fine with me except my dogs preffered to play rough… really rough, they even did this with me and I didnt mind because I knew they’d never do anything that could actually injure me, even if it did hurt. The child I knew would not understand and could easily be hurt… conversely I dont think my alsatian knew that this child could not take what I could. In an instant it was like I saw my dogs being put down due to injuring the child, and suddenly in that moment a red light pulsed (for lack of a better word) from my eyes… my entire vision went red, the light seemed to travel in slow motion for me but in the end I knew it was almost instant… the pulse hit my alsatian in the head and immediately she lay down, she had an expression of shock on her face, an expression I had never seen before. I froze for a moment trying to process what happened, and then I became fearful that I may have hurt my beloved companion, I literally ran over to her and hugged her… she seemed to be too scared to move. I honestly dont know what happened there but since then it seems my ability to see spirits has completely been blocked, I still involuntarily meet people both living and dead in my dreams some times but i have absolutely no control of the situation, but the whole being able to see things with my eyes open seems to have shut down since this experience.
Again, what is your take on this? have you ever heard of anyone else doing something like this? and do you have any suggestions on how I can address this?

I do have other experiences that I recall and ponder about all the time but these are the ones that occur most frequently on my mind. Ultimately, I wish to aim my own development and truly understand these events and how I can use them to progress my development.

Many thanks in advance