Questions about candle magick

I did some candle magick recently, concentrating on money. During the ritual I heard someone in my home moving around in the room next to mine, and so I was unable to talk out load as I went through the ritual. Not wanting to stop after having got that far, I said the words clearly and firmly in my mind instead. However, E A Koetting has said in his books and videos that you must speak aloud when you perform these rituals. Should I repeat the spell again?

Secondly, with candle magick, I am unclear about whether you repeat the spell or just do it once and let it go. Is the spell more powerful if you repeat it for several days in a row? Or does that interfere with it all?

Thank you.

No, that’s OK too.

That may depend on spell, but as a rule of thumb, there’s no need to repeat.

IMHO the urge to repeat generally rise due to your conscious mind need to interfere (search for perfection and hence rise of doubts all of which eventually may hinder the spell) and the lust for the result ( which is equally dangerous for the spell)

For that time, however I guess you may repeat the spell and that will be better, but please drop your mind (gamma theta) and let it go after completion. For all your spells once you forget them - mostly- they will work far better.

You may find many topics about “how to avoid lust for results” and “ways to drop mind” in case you may need more info.

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is absolutely no problem to say words in your head or whisper them as long as you imagine you are calling To the ends of universe.

And when your spell is over, it is over, no need to repeat it. Trust it. :slight_smile: :sparkles:

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Thank you for your reply, Zamran. This makes a lot of sense and I will look those subjects up.

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Thank you for explaining. :slight_smile:

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