Questions About Angel Michael, Non-Biblical Perspectives

Eva, you can move this if you want but I did not place this in the white magick section for various reasons as I want to AVOID the biblical shit at all costs here and everything I am finding online about Michael is just referencing fuckin Satan and yahweh. I just want some attribute info here that is not religious in nature, someone here who has evoked or worked with him and can tell me anything about him that would be useful.

I don’t even trust these other websites to tell me the correct directional and elemental attributes for him because they all seem to think that angels are creatures of god that fight against evil yet, tell that to the various black magicians I know who will say nope, they will assist us too and they have no religious affiliations. So I need a list here please, not written by someone religious.

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Hmm elements associated with him I believe are light and earth maybe water also. That’s all I got sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Oh just thought of a few more things. I think he might be associated with agriculture, balance and law.

What I mean by law is natural law.

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Well, I can’t give you much that’s already talked about in religious matters. Some of that will be here because those are his functions and duties.

Michael is generally considered to be one of the strongest Archangels in Heaven, aside from Gabriel, Uriel and Metatron. Usually declared as a leader in God’s armies of angelic hosts, compared with others. Chief of the Order of Virtues, Archangels, Prince of the Presence, Angel of Repentance, Righteousness, Mercy and Sanctification. [Gustav Davidson, "A Dictionary of Angels Including the Fallen Angels].

Kabbalistically, he’s associated with Hode (Splendor) which governs business, exams, divination, writing, hunting, praxis (putting ideas into motion), celibacy. Governs the Benei Eloheem (Children of the Gods), color is Orange. Also associated with the South as the Archangel of Fire- so that would also govern military affairs, sex, passion, law enforcement, sports, etc.

I don’t have his sigil offhand as I don’t have spare Rose Crosses. From my experience: very kind, strong, righteous, etc. Pretty much what you would think of an Archangel. Slightly more stable that Gabriel, by all accounts, as Michael has never been punished by God- by any record, at least. Yes they do help others, even black magi. You are right about that.

There’s a Jewish legend that Michael and Sammael are obverse and inverse to each other but that’s a different story altogether. Feel free to ask anything else.

Well your obviously the better sors of information.

Not surprised, I tend to get my angles mixed up. Sorry about that.

The planet Mercury, the color orange, water (and therefore, west), the number 8, octagon, eight pointed star. He’s the Archangel of Mercury, so any correspondences for Mercury will work for him, as well.

I found him to be very brisk and focused, no chit-chat or time-wasting.

He usually appears in the armour, cloak and wings combo popularised in the movie Dogma, only he has a VERY strong energy that means that comparison isn’t humorous. He usually has a large sword in one hand, and sometimes also carries a shield.

He’ll work with black magicians (if my experience is anything to go by) without any objections or lectures, and he also seems to be willing and able to refer you to another spirit who can help more, usually an angel in his case, when that’s suitable.

I get a faint scent of lemons when he manifests and a taste like clean cold steel - steel and iron seem to be connected to him in my experience.

I’ve called him in all kinds of locations, including on the London Underground where I have no idea what exact direction I was facing, but that was for operations required there and then so directions etc are probably helpful if this is a pre-planned event.

That’s about all I have that’s useful, I think?

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Michael’s personality (in my experience) is that of a refined and well trained soldier/warlord who enjoys every aspect of war. Not in a sadistic sense but more of a "Battle is the final test " kinda way where he enjoys it as a passion.

He does usually come with a sword but when he does come it seems as though every worry or doubt in my mind disappears.

He also cause the air to smell a bit like salt water. In some cases even cause it to rain(in a relaxing way not so much a heavy thunderstorm way).

For me every time i call on him he brings the essence of peace.I saw many times that he’s a warrior spirit but what i feel is undeniable.So far i’ve donne the calls using the greek pronunciation ΜΙΧΑΗΛ.
Where i can find the hebrew spelling for him?

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[quote=“dron, post:8, topic:7525”]For me every time i call on him he brings the essence of peace.I saw many times that he’s a warrior spirit but what i feel is undeniable.So far i’ve donne the calls using the greek pronunciation ΜΙΧΑΗΛ.
Where i can find the hebrew spelling for him?[/quote]

This is a better script but Google translator is better. The letters are, from right to left:

Mem, Yod, Koph, Aleph, Lamed.

If you want the finer words, you’ll have to Google that as well as some websites’ designs are smaller or larger than others.

From my experiences:

  • Many a spirit is the reverse aspect of an angel and sometimes the same entity but not because they wanna be dicks about it, but out of cultural views that sit down over time.

  • Take their variations in the same way as you’d behave/react if a friend or a complete stranger asked you for help: The difference between “sure man” and “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU”.

  • Michael: belongs to sphere of Mercury, hence good to learn summoning and initiatory knowledge. He is a fiery guardian, he is very brusque, won’t fuck you up because you’re not a Yehovite or otherwise.

  • As an angel that he is, his bone to pick is not against “evil”. Evil and good are moral concepts that apply to us, humans, and when you think about it and their relative sense it really comes down to the plight of the weak against the abuses of the strong rather than empathy and benevolence.

He has no schtick with that. He is more of a “are you cheeky wanker trying to make the Sun fall on the Earth again?” or “hi, I just noticed you are trying to rend the thin veil between planes?”.

  • You might know him under other guises such as Thor. Both figures wield weapons of great power (compare the Mjolnir to the Fiery Sword or whatever he uses), both fight serpentine / draconian figures, both are either destined to duke it out in a cosmic struggle or already have done it.

You must separate fact from the fiction of legends. Of course Nordic men of old saw Thor as the embodiment of gratuitous violence and bully behavior which was the the epitomy of manly behavior back then. Does that make Thor a cheeky beer-chugging bastard who’d sooner slam his hammer on your skull for so much as commenting on his beard?


What you do is call and ask. Experience rather than myth.

  • Mike IS the mirror opposite and yet similar of Sammael, they are opposed on their views and applications of might, but does not mean they are rivals or that they duke it out monday to sunday. Those are OUR conceptions. And fanfics.


Mike is the application of magickal force with the just enough and respectful force. He won’t hesitate to put someone down but most of the time is rather exile than anything else. He is also the representant of arcane knowledge under structure such as when a magician learns under a tutor or an order, he teaches force applied under the principles of respect and boundaries.

Sammael? He is the “cheater”. He teaches you harsh but fast methods, independently of you being actually prepared or not, AKA “throw you to a swimming pool in hopes your survival instinct will make learn to swim on the go”.

On their views on destruction: Michael is a tactician and an honorable fighter. Tries to make the opposition surrender by being unassailable and striking decisively. Sammael on the other hand? Will drop the atomic or will indulge in the most horrific aspects of large scale destruction to ensure the opposition surrenders. Then he will execute them.

Both offer the same valid lesson regarding conflict which is to ensure the elimination of opposition. But Mike says you gotta show you’re better than them, but unconquerable and so magnificent that your enemy copies you out of sheer admiration for your righteousness. Sammael on the other hand says you gotta show the opposition that you’re far more worse than them and ensure they never suppose a problem for you out of undiying fear and tragedy.

  • In any case, what you call as is what you get. If you think he will be dismissive and hostile because you do not adhere to Christian principles, well, that’s what will happen. I used to think Raphael was a hack that would not help me out of not being a Christian, and guess what? Fixed my back when I said “I trust you, just do what you need to”. He is still a dour and strict dude, but does the job.

Apparently, Marutukku of the Necronomicon is the same as Michael. This may or may not be true.

Michael always appeared to me as a Solar archangel, filled with a warm, intense energy. Strangely enough, to some he’s a Mercurial archangel while for other Raphael is the Mercurial archangel . In my experience, Michael is the sun.

He’s all about growth, giving without the fear of not having anymore (abundance), he works fast.

That fits for me, though I haven’t evoked both to ask them, the energy felt the same.

Same as Takeshiro with him being Solar, not Mercurial, that does seem more Raphael’s energy, but I never explicitly asked either about this kind of thing.

From my understanding angels do help magicians who do black magic just as do saints

But they do things that are more justified. In other words they won’t just go around doing baneful things because you’re mad at someone.

There was an incident where a guy got in my face and saint Cyprian was called on my behalf. He was asked to do whatever he felt was justified in the eyes of God.

The guy lost like a grand in money, had his car crashed, and his rocky marriage ended.

I don’t think you can disconnect these spirits completely from God and Jesus. Having said that me and my friends who work with them aren’t staunch bible thumpers.

But this is the kind of shit that makes me not want to ever work with them, the fact that no one, apparently not even magicians can seem to separate the idea of these beings from god. I want nothing to do with god, at all, so this kind of stuff is discouraging to have it continually repeated.

You’ve already read this,several times,but I will nonetheless point you to some musings where I also briefly explain my views on how angels and on how
saints can be separate from the DTG,.

Most sources are useful.I would post more on Michael but there’s too much for me to talk about,I’m just inserting these notes,that one can keep angels,even Christian saints,separate from Christianity.

And fwiw,I know demons who are more reluctant to do some things for you,and angels who are more willing to do it,so the notion that angels are just there to give you knowledge,growth,light,healing,blah blah blah is just as misguided as the notion that demons are there to give you money,sex and power.

Demons can and have brought you forbidden knowledge,healed you,and brought about changes within and without,whereas angels have realigned the stars to make you richer,and such.

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IMO people see that because they believe it, the same way the guy who believes Belial is a scary psycho will see him differently to those of us to whom he’s a powerful spirit capable of being an ally… I do understand what you’re saying, but I implore you to not let other people’s cognitive biases (and we do all have them) affect your choices.

I would never have worked with the Archangel Raphael, except I kept reading that he works just fine with black magicians, and doesn’t promote a religious agenda nor somehow tie us into that J/C “current” - I approached him taking that on faith, and as a result he told me that he’s known by other names in other cultures, conversed politely with Belial in front of me, and recommended Marbas, a demon, for a specific problem I had.

Edit to add, I’m not just being kind of “politically correct” saying we all have cognitive biases - I prefer to interact with spirits as discrete individuals, including the Netjer, who have actually told me that they’re all emanations from the same overall force.

When I describe Hathor, everything I share is based on my experience of her as a being with a distinct personality and not even including forms such as Isis, even though the ancient Egyptians sometimes merged the two.

So you have to take the source of an opinion, and their underlying beliefs, into consideration when you decide how much of what they say to take on board as your own, which is why I sometimes reply to a simple question with a lot of background, so people can exercise their own best judgement on how far that makes sense for them, and then put anything to the gold-standard test, of does it work for you? Do you get results using this approach? Etcetera.

IMO people see that because they believe it, the same way the guy who believes Belial is a scary psycho will see him differently to those of us to whom he’s a powerful spirit capable of being an ally[/quote]

To be fair Belial may seem “scary” to others because he has a habbit to apear to many as strange "what the fuck are you " sort of things. Really odd manifestations. He loves blood a little too much lol so that could also be a scary factor for many. Belial is still a very nice and one of the best dam personal growth pep talk makers in exsistense.

Oh yes, I agree with that. He has shown himself to me as Smeigel from Lord of The Rings and one more that was a little more strange than that, if you can believe it.

Oh yes, I agree with that. He has shown himself to me as Smeigel from Lord of The Rings and one more that was a little more strange than that, if you can believe it.[/quote]

Hahahaha just wow. First evocation I did of him he apeared as a three armed very very thin creature with a black cloth and fur cape and a late 1800s looking clock on his chest.

I can only assume every day there is giant costume party in Belials land haha.