Questions about aftereffects of NDEs

What is it about the near death experiences that causes most nders to become more loving and compassionate, more altruistic, less materialistic, the list goes on(more about the nde aftereffects can be read on the iands website and lose their sense of identity(ego death). They even said the NDEs are far more real than physical reality. Upon reading accounts of NDEs have caused a cognitive dissonance in me since I’m more of a nihilistic person, along with some black magicians on here. Why are the affects of love and compassion so common in NDEs? Isn’t love and compassion subjective?

You see things from a different perspective when life has nearly been snatched away. You see it differently when you have seen things that broaden your knowledge and open you to reality. You realize the importance of other things such as love, connection, learning…and see how meaningless material things actually are. I don’t know that you have an ego death, but you realize it’s function and apply as needed.

Death is transformational. Those who come into close contact are transformed. Maybe those who are NATURALLY loving/compassionate etc, become even more so…so much so that it is noticed more. Maybe it is those who have the capacity to feel that way naturally, that the experience triggers those qualities fully.

Love is not more important than money and material things. Wealth is the foundation that is needed to build the Nest that alllows Love and other things to be nurtured. Love is an Emotion that shows us as Being at our best in any circumstance after the fact that we were we well raised to reach that point. Without all the other things supporting the foundation, Love would be an illusory crumpling Tower.


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