Questions About A Blood Offering

A few quick questions. I had a spirit tell me they wanted blood as an offering as I asked them what they would consider appropriate for all the help they’ve given me as I have already offered food, public recognition and the usual for this spirit at previous times when he honored his promises to me. His response was that he wanted blood and he told me 3 drops would be fine as it did not have to be a plentiful amount, in other words, it was not necessary to fill an entire chalice with my blood or anything.

So I ran out of those lancet needles I had when I got that free diabetic kit in the mail and I can’t get anymore because I’m not diabetic so I have no prescription from a doctor and the place that was mailing out free samples stopped doing that, all 3 of the companies that used to send free lancets in the mail now require you to take a printed coupon to the doc for a prescription to get the items for free. Damn, LOL. Guess too many people were getting the free samples for resale or something so I had to use scissors to cut myself and these are piercingly sharp so I tried to be careful so as not to cut myself too deep on accident. I am hoping the amount I left as an offering will suffice as he may have considered 3 drops as being, 3 nickel sized drops or something.

So I was wondering how they usually interpret 3 drops? I went ahead and left a little more than that because the drops I got were somewhat small, not tiny, but not big either. And for a blood offering, do you still leave it out for 24 hours or is it useless once it dries? Can they still feed off of it after it dries? Because blood dries quickly when exposed to air on an offering plate so I wasn’t sure. I have made crafts for spirits using my blood but this was the first time a spirit has asked me flat out for blood as an offering and I don’t know if I unintentionally shorted him. I was under the impression that spirits can soak up a ton of energy from even the smallest amount of human blood???

I have also heard others say not to give very large drops of blood because if you give the spirit enough, he or she may become addicted to your blood and desire it too often, which can make you feel ill eventually. Someome also once told me that they can even become distracted by the blood and start showing up in your house at random times asking if they can do favors for you so they can get that blood as a payment and then they end up taking longer to fulfill your requests because they spend too much time focused on your blood instead of going out and fulfilling your desires right away.

Don’t feed a spirit with blood. It’s a really bad idea. They WILL begin vampirizing you. If they ask for blood, tell them to pick something else or you will no longer work with them.

Euoi has every sign of knowing what he is talking about. But it sounds like you already went through with it?

Divination should answer whether he was happy with the amount, I posted about a yes/no reading method in one of my earliest posts here. While it may not be as accurate for future outcomes in the material world, it should work for a spirit to answer, especially if you summon him to influence the reeading first.

I also use the Book Of Fate a LOT to check up on spirits and have found it always gives me an accurate reading on them, there are notes in that post for how to adapt the questions.

Requesting 3 drops sounds to me like an intentional statement along the lines of “DON’T go slashing away, and bleeding yourself dry.”

Can you get lancets on eBay in the US? We can here, but laws differ.

Finally, the eternal topic of whether to offer blood… it IS a major commitment, more so I think than most people realise, but I also don’t believe that major and powerful spirits are like hounds who’ll go droolingly crazy over the stuff, and refuse to work for anything less.

Boundaries, a magickal as opposed to reverential approach, and making sure you get something damned good back in exchange seems like the best way to handle it. JMO.

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Whether its Blood, Semen or anything else…it is actually the energetic content given off rather than the physical stuff. Its similar to feeding off an aura of a person. Since the said spirit can pass through flesh… This is similar to a certain ritual I’ve undergone in the past and it is symbolic as a “Metaphysical” self-sacrifice since you are essentially doing the same thing… You can basically offer a portion of yourself up as food to the said Spirit. It is essentially the same concept.i.e… You offer over some of your “blood energy.”

Sometimes i have been wandering if spirits want my blood or semen, as some old rune fortunes of me suggested that as a sacrifice they want “a man” or “myself” and i could interpret that as my blood or semen - but i’m pretty 50/50 about this because i somehow don’t feel that offering blood too eagerly is a good solution, and i might feel just stupid afterwards as it is exactly what all non-magicians think we do stereotypically.

  • if the spirit would only accept blood, that could be a bit weird to me - at least i would like to know why.

Yes, I know that spirits feed off the energy not the actual product or else the products would vanish completely as if someone had consumed them. I was just unsure if spirits could still make use of even a tiny amount of blood or anything else. I have always heard that blood is unlike food and you do not need to give a large amount at all, that a very small amount will suffice. And I also wondered that if the spirits could still draw energy from the blood after it dries?

Because to me, a dry liquid seems lifeless and seems like it would therefor lose any remaining energy however, on the opposite side of thinking, I have heard of human spirits lingering around the site of their death for years on end because there was a small trace of blood left behind that someone did not see in order to clean it up, and it was that tiny amount of blood that was still keeping them there, and since ghosts are energy it seems like they were drawing further energy from their own blood which was keeping them there.

I already have an answer from one source but wanted to know what you all think?

I generally provide blood precisely because there is so much energy in it. Seems the most efficient way of attaining results. Menstrual blood, I prefer as no gashing/pricking/slicing is required and I have a nice supply every new moon.

And the spirits I work with, Belial in particular, appreciate it even if they don’t request it. On a limited budget, purchasing liquor can become expensive. And as I would never provide a guest (or myself) with bottom shelf liquor, blood is my preferred offering when offering is required or simply given out of gratitude. Of course, I have no objection to slicing in between moons as necessary, but the energetic quality is vastly different.

It depends entirely on the working and the entity, what the project is and how the request will benefit it. Then carefully measuring out the amount to ensure that the entity or entities involved are provided the correct requirement. Ounces…or drops, or what have you. When ounces are required, I invoke Lilith and request assistance on timing and such. Hasn’t failed to produce the exact amount needed for the entity involved. And I have continuous interlocking projects, so its been a while since I’ve not had a use for blood. And the results are damned good.

Thorough cleaning is a must, in my experience. Other entities can be attracted to unconsecrated blood. Ounces, once dedicated specifically to a spirit, have the essence absorbed and seem to putrefy rather quickly, which can become vile. The next day, I thank the spirit for assisting and empty the vessel, wash it thoroughly, and clean the room where it was kept; air it out; vacuum, wipe surfaces with strong vinegar water or baking soda water. Smaller amounts simply dry in the vessel and I empty the flakes, and thoroughly clean it the same way. Bleach is an option, as well.

Its relatively simple to do a yes/no divination with pendulum or muscle testing, or for more complex information, a tarot reading to gain insight on the wisdom of the capitulating to any request by a spirit.

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Blood is a powerful source of energy and the spirits will definitely feed off this. If a spirit asks you to give 3 drops it is simply referring to how you define this amount. If you think 3 drops is 3 tiny spots then that is what the spirit was meaning. It simply said it that way as a means of communication through your own interpretation (not its).

I think it asked you specifically to give it this way for a change because it wanted a ‘ritual sacrifice’ instead of the usual ways you may give. It therefore asked for blood as it knew you would have to go out of your way to find a suitable method as this wasn’t part of your normal routine. By going to all the trouble of giving energy in this way gives the spirit more ability, as this would then allow you to obtain ‘your particular request’ on that occasion.

Blood, semen and vagina fluids all contain life force that spirits can feed off (as you no doubt already know). They also contain our DNA so they can act as a marvellous interface to not only carry our intentions across, but as a bridge allowing the spirit to keep feeding off its original supply…which of cause is us!

This is why you get the impression that spirits still flock around dried up fluids even though the juice has been extracted. The DNA structure is still there and this can therefore still be connected to its origin. It can be connected through energy so the spirit can begin feeding from us to fuel itself for longer periods. This is very close to what I belief Euio was meaning here, which although seems quite dramatic…it can indeed be the truth.

A spot of blood on a pact tends to seal the agreement and it soon dries but its origin (the blood in our veins) is still very much alive and this is how I belief spirits can keep extracting energy. So as you can see RavensAcent, it’s not the amount or even the freshness that’s important…it’s the structure of it.

I learnt this through working with energy when I did radionics and psionics. I realised that even though the energy looks like it’s gone or dried up, it could still continue its feed. In radionics this is called a ‘Structural link’ which is the same thing as a symbolic representation in magic.

*Women are more lucky here as they can give a very powerful offering indeed that men cannot and that’s Menstrual blood. This can get a spirit vibrating like a bloody machine gun (LOL!!). I don’t know why and I don’t know how they use it but I know it can be sacred to them in certain ways. Maybe as a women you could find this out as I have never had any luck trying. I think the spirits would only teach this to women though and then you would be bound to keep it to yourself.

  [b]Menstrual blood can send them into a feeding frenzy like sharks![/b]

But did he actually ask for your own blood? The Spirit said he wanted blood. If he did not specify that it should be your blood, I’d get animal blood first and offer it. Then see if he says “I need your own blood”.
I did see someone liquidize freshly bought beef liver, strain and offer it. I think that was accepted.

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The old Demonic heroin ehhh. Damn I’ve given a many of them blood I don’t cut myself fuck that get a box of insulin needles 100 of them for 10$. At walmart. One thing I know is when I offer blood shit happens and fast like there on it ASAP


This is also my experience; speed and power; also why give generously. It’s made me wonder how much/which of the chemical constituents in blood are desired by specific entities. As in: perhaps they refrain from requesting blood from those for whom it would be ineffective or deleterious in the ritual. Perhaps based partially on blood type, rh factor, hemoglobin/oxygen/iron content, hormones…

Is also of note that when using chemical substances to facilitate contractual relationship, blood used in ritual is nearly always desired devoid of substance, having been collected earlier. Is why I think is more to it than demonic whim.

So many areas to study! :slight_smile: And lovely bones that grow this fabulously useful substance. The human vessel is such a superbly weird machine, fun to operate/explore.

Dont forget that the body processses and/or grows certain chemicals, hormones, enzymes etc. Leading a certain lifestyle would contribute to affecting this…which contributes to the quality of any “secretions” and blood offerings. This may be a reasoning certaining entities will require blood and at other times why they would never ask certain people for blood. This also takes into mind probably also certain genetic factor…as some offerings are of thd body. In the church one drinks of the Blood amd Body…pointing to roots of where it came from.

I actually normally use the diabetic lancets, the little needles they use when checking their sugar but my free source of them stopped and I haven’t been able to locate any at the store that I can buy without needing a prescription for them. But lately I have just been using the needles with the colored plastic heads, sanitizing them with heat before using them and pricking my finger with those then tossing them afterwards (only using each needle one time for cleanliness reasons), those work well, just one stick and you can bleed like a stuck pig if need be. But I have a high pain tolerancy.

And yes, the symbolic nature of church goers, eating crackers and bread while pretending to be consuming the flesh of a man who died to save them all from hell and eternal damnation. I died for your sins and in order to thank me, you can eat this dried bland tasting bread and pretend it’s a piece of my leg. Very strange but what I find even stranger is that they do this, yet still have enough nerve to call our practices strange.

I don’t believe that Christians are pretending to eat Jesus. At least, not in the Catholic/Orthodox/Anglican circles where every priest is practically a magician. I think that that stuff actually does turn into Jesus’ body and blood through ritual magic and the combined intention of everyone in the church. There are also dozens of miracles relating to communion so…

Sarcasm…Ashtkerr :wink:

From some of the reading I’ve done it seems menstrual blood is a VERY powerful catalyst. However I have stumbled upon posts in forums that suggest instead of offering blood, as it is upon an altar, to use it creatively. Draw, write and with it, create and the spirit will be pleased. As you are creating and shaping the energy and it is helping to shape your agreement with the Spirit.

I personally am very eager to work with Beleth. I want to be respectful, but I want to offer something unique, to improvise and go with what the energy tells me. Why not draw their cigil in menstrual blood and focus your energy on it when making contact? It is just a cheeky thought.

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There is only one time in the past that I gave my blood as just blood in a chalice, when it was specifically requested for a particular working. All other times I have used my blood mixed with acrylics for paintings, mixed with India ink for handmade talismans and drawn sigils with it so this is nothing new for me.

Not cheeky in the slightest. Not only is it appreciated, but very powerful connection forms. This is precisely my practice. If scrying is required, then I use deep blue light and a mirror and draw the sigil in 3 dimensions so it is an easy gateway to access.

When I sign a pact, if it was necessary to create a record in memoriam, I sign with a handprint in blood; usually menstrual is the most desired. Each finger prints an utterly unique signature with a minor chakra into which I pour energy. The more of my vessel that I seal to such binding agreement, the better. Each hand has an energy flow, as well; masculine or feminine. I sign with my right hand. And if the demon(s) state that document requires calcification for activation, I pour the remainder of the blood out on it, allow it to dry, then burn it while using the proper incantation/intonation in my god-tongue.

Of late, my work is primarily with the darkest natures of Lilith and Belial and these methods have greatly facilitated communication. I also recently gave an offering of thanks to Neptune as God of the Sea (and many other appropriate titles, etc.) pouring an ounce into the ocean that was accepted although, I rarely contact that particular deity. There are many supremely delightful uses for blood.