I have noticed that most authors who try to sell there merchandise claim that there is always a “death threat” against them. Could t this just be a good advertisemnent angle for sales?

Generally I would say it is or is twisting the truth of the matter by taking more trollish messages seriously or using past things that happened and not updating to current stuff. I think most of it dies down after a while and you just get the drunk Christian redneck shit posting more than anything.

Right. It seems redundant to see the same thing time after time

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You can always count on drunk redneck shit posting and just say you choose to interrupt it in x fashion by taking it seriously. It builds hype and marketing usually for the more edgy audience willing to shill out for anything like that without a second thought. Leads to more ideological and edgy language in otherwise good works than I would prefer but I also tend to be towards the more clear cut objective side of explaining things obviously. So personal taste there.