Hello all

I have a question I am a newb
I have had the power to raise winds and storms since I was very young, but haven’t used that ability for years. I got back into the craft recently started to do the simple meditation exercises and the power of the word started coming back to me with great force. Unfortunately, I have the ability to make things happen with just my speech.
I got scared after it happened twice. Even though it wasn’t harmful things other than a flat tire I was still scared because what if I had kept going with the meditations and caused something really awful to happen?
My question, therefore, is this what can I do to stop being afraid of my own talent and make it to where I am more able to control when it happens? I mean these things just happened when I was talking to someone without the intent of harm. I know that most of you probably have this ability and it may be ridiculous but I am not nearly as advanced as most here so it’s kinda scary for me.

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when you meditate focus on the goal to control your powers. I am able to read aura and sense demonic energy. The first time I was in the presence of a demon, I got frightened because it was too strong, and I thought I was going crazy. so I asked my teacher about it and he said I should meditate to control it. a few months later, I was no longer scared, and became more in control of my powers

This helps some but what kind of meditation, Can you tell me what you did?

What I did was visualize myself In the presence of a demon-spawn and a full fledged demon. The I visualized the energy flowing through my body and I used my own energy to suppress it. I did this for a month and now the energy Is no longer too strong

That gives me some ideas thank you for your responses they are appreciated.