Hi everyone.
I was wondering… If someone worries about you 24/7 , can this influence your life negatively?
Every answer is welcome.
Thank you!

The only answer to that question is yours to answer. Only you knows how that affect your daily life, don’t you think?

Constant worries of someone else, might have a negative effect. It’s about trust, or lack there of. If you are aware of your own capabilities in life, and you’re not overly worried about it, then why should someone else be? But if you have done something that affected your life in a negative way in the past, but now recovering for it, the worries from someone else is in some way understandable.

As I see it, the issue is about trust and that isn’t something that’s given freely. It’s something earned, from the perspective of yourself and the person that cares or overly worries about you.

I would guess that if they worry about you because they deeply disapprove of what you’re doing and they hold a strong negative image of all the terrible outcomes, that might have an effect if there’s an underlying theme that they want to see you get bad outcomes and return to their way of thinking; but if they just worry that you’re safe and happy or whatever, and it’s coming from love and not a desire to see you slip up, probably not so much.

I sometimes wonder if celebrities have such chaotic lives because of all the focus, lust, resentment, and so on that gets thrown their way… you can probably screen against it, but I doubt whether many would think of that.

You could probably detect it by drawing them out to see what their biggest worries are, and then checking if things in your life have that pattern, even slightly, or even if you happen to “coincidentally” often catch TV or movies with a similar theme, for example if someone disapproves of you living in the city alone, do you often catch clips of stuff where single city-dwellers are being menaced by maniacs, etc…

Then maybe try a mirror box that neutralises the worry without hurting the person if you love them.

I think we all worry a bit about the people we love, or even like, it’s human nature to want to protect them from harm.