what are the best grimoires for summoning demons in your opinion?

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’d definitely say Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield


I would study the goetia if I was you, pick up any books you can find on the goetia

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If you’re just starting, I would recommend the Heptameron. I would also suggest Ceremonial Magic & the Power of Evocation by Joseph C Lisiewski.

I’ve discovered that the newer books work for certain goals, but not for full physical manifestation. The old grimoires are more like recipe books. If you follow them exactly, they work.


Konstantinos summoning spirits, the lesser key of Solomon, Lucifer and the hidden demons, Goetic pathworking.

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thanks guys i made my decision now :slight_smile:

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What did you decide my friend?

I checked reviews on gordon winterfield’s demons of magic, it seems better than others for beginners like me.


Excellent choice good luck

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you too mate

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