Hello,i worked with lucifer astorath and dantallion. My neighbor told me that they saw foreign looking man stading outside our gate wearing a white with hood ( allegedly it was glowing). And my cousins girl friend allegedly saw a black entity ouside our house and wants to enter our but a man wearing white came out and this black entity got scared and disappeared does it mean that they are protecting me? ( btw my mom was sick after that incident she become okay)

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People here has to work their asses off, sometimes for YEARS, just to see spirits that others won’t. So no, the guy next door just saw a person.


Man that must be someone trying to break in. Like it takes lot of effort to see entities and they can’t just see those anywhere, you must have very well developed psychic senses.


Thank you im also wondering. But theres no other person in this house im just curious but thanks for the answer man!

Yes thats why i am wondering. Am i bit scared tho. Hahah

Most likely, just someone passing by. In any event, check well doors and windows and be sure they’re closed.


Thank you so much but is there any possibility that spirit they saw was my uncle? He passedaway last march 2020.

I don’t know. Don’t think so. As I told you, we have to train to get our senses workings. Still, some people (absolute minority, I think) can see things naturally with no training, or so they say.


Thank you so much.can i ask something?

Go on ahead, I’ll be up for another 30 minutes or so.

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I also called santa muerte is it really possible that it was santa muerte whom they saw?

Okay but E.A. recounted somewhere that he was doing evocations, and he saw and heard nothing in terms of phenomena, but later found out his neighbours, who weren’t involved and were presumably not even trained, heard banging noises that he couldn’t even detect.

So, possibly this happens for some reason, and maybe outside observers who aren’t even in the region of thinking to look (or listen) for manifestations, CAN pick things up.

Just make sure to banish and maybe see about creating some wards: What's normal? (Creating Wards Walk-Through Tutorial)

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I would agree with this, as i have had that happen to me as well. And it is not just sight or sound.

I actually have a rule not to do ritual in my private room while guests are around after the last incidents, as the guest, who had no history of anxiety, went into a full blown panic attack during the peak of the ritual. They could not see or hear anything in this example, but they definitely felt it.

I would still beef up home security in general as a good measure in the case the energy of your workings draw someone less desireable in, as well as wards.

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Thank you can you teach me how to banish?

What did you do after that?

Should i be scared or worried?

Helped calm them down and sent them on their way. Banished my area, set up a barrier on my threshold and made that rule.

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How can i banish them? Should i be scared or worried?

Thank you so much sorry if i have so many questions

I didnt do anything i just stare at sigil i chant their enn for 3-5 times then asked for help.