Question to those who did the 33 days Breakup Ritual from Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield

Hello, I´ve seen some of you tried this ritual. I would like to ask something that I didn´t understand very well.
About the Ritual to Weild Power that is presented at the beggining of the book, do I have to do it before doing the breakup ritual? Or it isn´t necessary?

I did the 33 day breakup ritual twice and both times were very effective. I’m not saying the Ritual to Wield Power isn’t necessary, I’m not saying it’s right that I didn’t do it…I’m just saying I just didn’t do it and still received the results I was looking for.

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Thanks, I guess it’s not necessary then.
Good to know that the ritual worked for you

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Why not use the opportunity to gain experience? Plan the ritual to be done twice (so doing it again is not lusting for results by design) and do it once plain, and once after doing the power raising in between?

Compare your notes before and after and see if you senses a difference. Then you’ll know if it was something that is helpful or not for you.


Good idea

Can you tell me the circumstances of those couples you broke up, were they really close and seemingly in love ? It seems easier if they were rocky and were going to break up anyway. Did you actually see results right after 33 days, like how long did it take in total for you to see results?

do you also think it can work for a long distance stubborn target that’s involved with someone else ? 33 days seem to be crazy intense but I really want to break them up, I was wondering how long per session did you do this for? I can’t imagine spending hours on it each day, I didn’t get to read through the whole instructions in detail yet but as far as I know it’s done in silence no candles no equipment just pure concentration on the sigils and thoughts?

Hi I was wondering if you did this breakup ritual and if you saw results? I wonder if this only works for people who are already arguing and not on good terms or if it would work to break any type of situation up? I’m trying to find more reviews and feedback from people

Me, no I have my own homebrew poppet ritual that I always use that’s a lot gentler. It’s less a form of attack and treats a connection as an anomaly to be healed.

What I was suggesting above, is to gain personal experience with the energies involved. Many people ask for guarantees and shortcuts, but magick is a skill, more practice is better than less.