Question to those that own “The 72 angels of magick” by Damon Brand

I don’t have any paper with me and I would like to work with an angel again after a long time of not doing magick.

Is the whole book based on a petition spell that you need to write on a paper on or can I just use my phone notepad to write it down?

I assume ‘if’ the notepad is alright and all of the instructions followed correctly, the angel will hear me just as clear as I would’ve used a paper sheet.

To sum it all up do I need a paper?

Thanks in advance!

72 Angels of Magick is not a petition spell. You don’t have to write anything on paper.

However, it does require a Shem talisman, which I found easiest to print out from their website, rather than having to flip back and forth between it and the angelic sigil (you don’t have to though; you can just display it on your electronic device)

If you want to write down the ritual summary so you can follow it, yes, the notepad on your phone will work fine.


Thanks, no wonder I’ve been having results just fine. I’ve tried it on my notepad already. Thanks for confirming, now I know my results have come from the book 100%.

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