Question to the experienced Astral Travelers/Magicians

Hello there,

actual i am working to reach the lucid dreaming state, in order to going from there astral travel itself.
By reading a lot around here meanwhile, i got Lady Eva´s core shamanism (thanks again :slight_smile:) and working through part one right now.
In addition i was able to get hands on “Psycho-Cybernetics” (which seems quit useful, beside magic or spirituality as well).

Nevertheless, the question is, as the first time exit seems to be a rather hard thing to solve (due to being an unfamiliar experience), if there is assistance possible?

I read in an older post that you can be drawn out by another person (which was initially helpful for the rookies), or a servitor can be send for doing such a job?

Looking forward to hear from you all and maybe some can aid this way?



I have been lucid dreaming my whole life so I cannot give you tips on “how to” as for me I do it naturally. When you lucid dream you can do things like control your dream without waking up. Remember your dreams in detail when you wake up. Experience “deja vu” where you dream doing or saying something and in future you find it played out in reality. Some say lucid dreaming is a form of astral travelling already. You are just not aware of this and you think its a dream but actually you are in spirit form in another plane of existance. I do understand that as you are about to leave your body when you feel like you are falling “backwards” in your bed. (How I have achieved this was by being deeply relaxed and FAR away in thought/yet also not in thought, if that makes any sense?) I was told by a seasoned astral traveller not to retreat from this scary feeling as its merely your etheral body leaving your physical body. You will know when you are successful when you can look down or back at your sleeping/sitting physical body.


Ah, i feel somewhat a little jealous for your natural habit :wink: I guess the lucid dreaming state itself offers already a lot of opportunities.

In theory i already got lot of information to reach that state, but as always practicing takes it´s time to provide result.

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