Question: Tarot acquisition

I’m trying to get a tarot deck. I have a job so money isn’t the issue. My problem is currently the only way for me to get one is to order it offline which means: Because I don’t have a debit card I have to get my dad to do it and even if I get that far he might see it in the mail.

What do I do?

If it means anything:
My parents are christians. I’m 24. >.>

I found mine at a nearby flea market!

Most large book stores like Barnes and Noble carry tarot cards in their mysticism/Paganism section.

I we don’t have one of those. In fact we don’t have any kind metaphysical store.

Do you have anyone you could use to mail it to their house?

Possibly, but his parents are christian too. Plus his mother already tried telling my dad I’m a satanist. e.e

Honestly not trying to be a smartass when I say this, but if it’s going to be that much trouble, why not grab a hand full of rocks, a sharpie, and learn how to read runes instead?

You have a bank account? you can get a paypal and connect it to your bank, they can also send you a paypal debit card, some online shops let you order with paypal.


Taking a chance on my dad not seeing it. Convinced my mom to let me do it. I’ll be get getting it before the month is over. Ave Lucifer

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I tell people that tarot cards started in the circus which is partly true as an attraction it has very little to do with christian doctrines or satanism
. Uneducated people are just ignorant and retarded with their justifications of their religion stating everything they say is objective facts which it’s not. It’s mostly garbage


So if I’m understanding this situation correctly, and you’re wanting to do cartomancy, there are other options if tarot may seem unattainable to you in your current living situation. There’s using a reguar 52 card deck,

Heres a quick divination guide to the suits, although this method lacks the major arcana, but is fine for basic working. Theres also other decks out there that for all purposes could be any other type of playing cards. One suggestion is look up on Google, minimalist tarot deck, get some index cards and draw on the blank side the simple images, its all basic lines and shapes, a very clean aesthetic.

At the beginning it is fun the traditional meanings but it is better to let the spirits explain the cards themselves. Every card has a patron spirit. It is about very old energies and powers.


I tend to keep my tarot free of entities and rely solely on my own skill and intuition, mainly because it’s good practice for it.