Question : Syncretism Of gods

In ancient Egypt, merging gods together was common: gods such as Atum-Khepri, Re-Horakhty, and Amun-Re. we also see this tendency to merge Greek god with Egyptian gods . The most famous was Serapis He was an amalgamation of the Egyptian god Osiris and the Greek god Asclepius. There is a huge list of such deities which people merged and worshipped,

My questions

  1. Are these “gods” thoughtforms initially and then become egragores?
  2. Isn’t it offensive to a god to merge it with another?
  3. If the practice was si common, can a magician have the liberty of “creating” his own syncretic pantheon to adapt his needs to his magic? Is this …doable…ethical.

Kuan -yin + Aphrodite = kuandite?
Santa Muerte + Anubis = Anubis Muerte?
Lakshmi + fortuna = laktuna?
Kali + shiva = maha kalshiv ?
Green tara(dolma) + kuan yin= Tara-Yin (like Amun-Ra).

You get the idea !

Let me know your thoughts!

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