Question regarding the demon entity Zagurim

Hi everybody,

Ps: Update I apologize I should have done a more diligent Google Search. I could not find Zahgurim last time, I now figured out he is in the Necronomicon. I just ordered the book and the spell book. Really love these sigils. Thanks to Lady Eva for clarifying!

I love the Zagurim sigil from EA’s Baneful Magick.

Does anybody know what system the spirit is from? Is this a Voodoun spirit or similar?

I love the style of the sigil and would like to work with a system full of sigils like that to add to my resources.

By the way, Zagurim is a killer. I sent him to a target during the middle of the night. Shortly thereafter, at around 3.40am I receive a message from my target thanking me in a super emotional way for something I had done for them a while ago. This came totally out of the blue, after target had been ignoring me in an arrogant manner for a while. Also the timing, 3.40, I think 4.40 in his zone was very weird. Must have scared him from his sleep. Hail Zagurim, what a rockgod!


Target is still alive but things have changed, I noticed that he is distancing himself from me as much as possible at this point.

So getting back on point: Evoke Zagurim, he rocks, and he’s a killer!

Thanks to EA for raising awareness about this great spirit


Did you evoked the spirit in full manifestation or did a sigil magick ritual?

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