Question regarding tarot

So I see how people connect certain spirits to the tarot deck for certain readings, and I want to know if you guys think I’m doing it right and I’d like to hear how you guys invite spirits to use your deck with you!

So I focus on the spirit as I’m shuffling the deck I might even chant the enn or stare at a sigil as I’m shuffling the deck while thinking of my intentions to have the spirit help me so I can ask the spirit questions through the tarot deck.

There’s actually established associations that have been known for a long time. I’m sure demons can reveal different associations to individual occultists
…but I haven’t experienced that.
They can also answer questions for you
using tarot but that’s a little different…

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If it works for you, then it’s correct. Everyone has different methods. I personally focus on sigils while chanting the enn and shuffle the deck when I enter a meditative state. If I want an answer for a specific question I ask it.


Interesting and it sounds like it’s quite specific! I’ll give it a try…

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