Question regarding feeling a presence

So my astral senses are pretty sublime when it comes to hearing, seeing and feeling spirits, but I wondered, let’s say the spirit you summon closes in and the air gets very heavy, if there is someone in the room next to you would there be any chance they would feel it too😂 I understand there astral senses matter too but that would be freaky your mom just happens to feel the air get super heavy from another room

I think so, but it might depend on the spirit and whether they wanted to be perecived by others. :thinking:


Oh ok that makes sense, yea I was going to say I would be freaked out if I never worked with spirits before and suddenly in another room the air gets super thick lol

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It could also be a matter of let’s say you call on a spirit and the spirit shows their presence by cooling the air in the room. You may feel the cold air and feel like ok, the spirit is here with me, success…but your mom may just feel the cold air and have a feeling of “Oh wow, it’s a little chilly in here, isn’t it?” Unless she knows you’re calling on a spirit, she may feel the cold air and not make a connection that it’s because a spirit’s presence is there.


Yes but what I was saying was it may definitely feel strange to the mundane