Question regarding belial

I made a pact of possession with belial and he agreed if he delivered to me a woman whom would be enthralled with me and have sex with me subsequently falling in love with me and being loyal to me i summoned him again today to ask when his task will be completed he said “soon my legions are already at work remove your stubborness” i fell to the floor. My question is from people whom worked with him i know there is someone on here who has 3 years of notes from him. How fast is belial? I have now a pact with azazel and belial both a pact of possesion

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I’ve no clue on how fast he is but i would advise getting your mind off it for a time, work on other projects. The more attention you put on a ritual youve already done the more energy you draw away from it. I advise the same as i did for the person in this post

Let the forces you summon do their work lol they’ll work faster without energetic interruptions. :grin:

Now one avenue you could take is working with belial to learn what he or those in his command can teach you regarding low magic to create change yourself or in concert with him and his legions. Then your mind is both out of the way of your own goals and you get to learn something that you can walk away with when your pact is complete.

Who knows you may end up with your own “Book of Belial” :smiling_imp:


I understand yet it is so hard to get my mind off the ritual and the pact.

This is why working on other things can help alot. And as i said i see no reason you can get started with another project with belial or azazel.

He’s fast with things like that… that’s what i did,when i started to work with him i downloaded an app of relationship and since then,i fucked 52-60 different girls.

I dont make my posts for childish bickering. I ask for serious replies not a tit for tat forum debate with irrelevance and redundant remarks


I am curious what and how will it go if it is not too much to ask for an update. I’ve been thinking to get a pact with Belial as well for pretty much the same reason as you. And yes, love NOT sex. Sex is easy enough to get downtown at the local club without the aid of a pact, however a relationship… so any feedback on pacts with Belial in this concern is more than welcome.


Also can I ask what you gave in exchange? O rather let me rephrase what can/should be offered for such a thing as was your case with the relationship. I have no clue as I was never in such a situation before (I guess that in a pact the demon has more to work to do than in a simple Belphegore help me get that job or Lilith I want the girl downtown in my bed tonight, type of ritual).

Lust for results is terrible for Magick my friend. The desperation should be used as fuel during the ritual, but then you must retract and TRUST that it will work. If you want someone to come to you, you want to send out energies that you know they want you and are thinking of you because of the magick you sent out, and this will manifest much faster then if you are sending out the opposite energies. Right now the energy you send out is that youre wanting her, not her wanting you.

Just know that she is out thinking of you, and in he meantime, use this window to go lay some other beauties and have fun.

When I first started working with Belial, I asked him how I can increase my magick and he told me a few things… Later that night when I fell asleep I had a very interesting dream. My dream was this:

I was in a pizza place in line ready to order. I walk up to the register, and the girl behind the counter asks me, what would you like? So I tell her that I want a slice. So I am sitting there waiting right, and everyone is ordering and getting their food. So now in my dream, I am sitting there waiting and waiting wondering when the hell my order is going to come, its only 1 slice. So I walk up to the counter and ask her why everyone is getting theres, is there a problem? She goes no problem, it will be right out. So I say ok, and keep wondering where my pizza is…the anger, anxiety, frustration of watching everyone get their shit and not me was red hot lol… This dream was so vivid I remember it so well… All of a sudden a friend from high school is next to me…and he goes to hand me some of his spaghetti, I was starving, I put a fork into a meatball, just as I am about to bite it, the meatball breaks and falls on the floor… Now im more mad, and ask the girl again more demanding, where is my slice!!! She said sir they are making it, it will be right out… So I sit ther a little bit longer, eventually say fuck it, as I am walking out the girl screams, SIR! your pizza is ready… LMAO…Get it?

Belial was telling me to be patient, quit the baby crying, and stop bitching… You must place the order and forget about it, THEN it will come.


i know that if you good with Belial its hard to dead
i see how he keeps people alive

“Remove your stubbornness” What have you done in the physical plane?


My pact was for her interest. Sexual desire and a relationship with loyalty to me in exchange i gave him permission to posess me and for me to learn from him and he is allowed to possess me as long as he wishes

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If it’s not too personal… did you had your eyes on a particular person or was it a hey bring me a person with this qualities. I am asking as I never worked with him before and I don’t know how far and wide does his office go in concerns of love and relationship.

So i did another evocation with belial lastnight and i felt my body being electrified and my muscles building in mass because i told belial i would evoke him i believe he possesed me because i felt his energy run through my body making it powerful i reinterated my pact with him and felt him put his other worldly mark on my hand it was strange but i knew he had shook my hand and reaffirmed my pact with him possibly to alleviate all doubt in me

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Im wondering because the exact opposite of what i asked for is happening causing me to worry i asked ant’harratu for similar things with the same person and the person thinks the worst of me which is the opposite

Belial will not be interested in your desires more than your ascent. If he wants to work on your stubbornness, be prepared. He may start with overturning some shit you didn’t Expect. What do you have to offer him in return? As a friendly reminder, You are not dealing with angels or fairies hers. You may have offended him.


I know im working with a demonic king. Plus its easier to offend an angel. A demon will jist teach you what your doing wrong and maybe laugh

I dunno, i cannot tell you if you are right in doing this or not, but if youre throwing pacts around offering your body to everyone in return for something, maybe they dont really give a shit of your offering bc youre treating your body as if its worrh nothing special to begin with

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Uh…, NOT

NO im not throwing pacts around the only pacts i habe are with azazel and belial for them to strenghthen my relationship with them

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