Question regarding baneful magick

I was told by a wiccan that if you were to do baneful magick on a family member you’d get affects from it cause they are in your area, is this true?

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Depends on the family members protections.

If they deflect, the energy takes the path of least resistance and follows the cords to affect the nearest people in line. Which could be you, or it might be a best friend, girl/boyfriend, children, etc. You can also be a deflection target because doing magick on others creates more ties to them. All people are a bit magick, so they can do this and not even know it.

Best to do a divination to find out what their protections are and what the outcome would be before going off half cocked.


Basically, don’t shit where you eat.

If you live with your target, throwing around baneful or destructive energies could affect your life just as much as the target’s. It’s also very possible for the energetic residue to cling to you, as the target would be tracking it into any shared spaces.

My advice would be to make sure your own defences are in place, and that you cleanse yourself and your personal area regularly, to prevent picking up any stray energy from your target.


So even if it wasn’t a curse and it was like a binding of some sort I’d still get negative effects? Cause I’d think that if the spell I did has no negative effects I’d get no negative remnants

maybe some type of details or a story from history to inform us more.

If it wasn’t a curse and it was like a binding or mind control spell of some sort would I be fine probably?

No, there would be no negative effects from a simple binding. However, your title says “baneful magick,” and a binding isn’t generally considered to be baneful, as it can be done without the intention of harm.


Oh ok, thanks. So as long as no harm is done I should be fine?

As long as there are no negative energies, then yes, you would be fine.

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Ok thanks, so now at least I have ways to work around the issue still, thanks

It’s not a smart idea. I’ve used Chakra attacks on targets in the same room but I also cleared out the space immediately afterwards.

It’s a good idea to uncross yourself from the target after you do baneful work. If they live with you and you curse them then like others said, the energy can affect you and it may be harder to clean up.

Binding spells aren’t baneful and with mind control spells the target can fight it off.

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I cursed the absolute living shit out of an old roommate of mine (back when I had roommates) and he suffered while I lived it up and enjoyed it. I suppose I did have to deal with him leaving his trash and shit all over the place (there was once a rat in the apartment), but he did that before I cursed him, so whatever. The spirits were most certainly present, and that was a good thing, because I summoned them and so they gave me strength and power while destroying my enemies.

I don’t know any Wiccans but presumably many of them are into “law of threefold return” propaganda and other such nonsense. Wicca seems to me like a more mass-marketable pseudo New Age religion that appeals to witchy types who can’t handle actual trad witchcraft. You know, like with demons.

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So if I summoned a baneful entity as apart of the curse and stated that I don’t want any harm In the process I should be ok?
Cause that’s what it seems like you did by reading your story. Could be wrong though

Are you afraid the demons are going to stab you in the back or something? Or go on a wild, uncontrolled rampage?

Stories like this are spread by the weak who are afraid of magick. I have never had a problem with unruly demons attacking me. I’ve summoned some chaotic, trickstery demons, and sure, they’ve fucked with me, but not maliciously. It was either amusing or beneficial to me. Meanwhile the person I cursed was neither amused nor being benefited.

Some demons have tried to butt heads with me, like they were challenging me or testing me. I told them to fuck off and get back to work, or I’ll find a demon more willing to cooperate. They respected my power after that, and we then got along just fine.

Perhaps I am misinterpreting your statement. If you summon a baneful entity and ask that no harm come about as a result of your curse, then I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing. That’s, like, the point right? Why else would you perform a curse? I’ve summoned baneful entities to control the flow of corruption through me and my life so that it benefits me, but if you are cursing someone, I’m guessing you’re not trying to manifest good things for them.

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Should have stated, no backlash to me

The only “backlash” you may experience is your own guilt and regret, or the natural consequences that unfold as a result of the changes that manifest.

If you ask for someone to suffer, and then that happens, how would that make you feel? If you will have regrets, do not curse.

If you curse someone who has some place in your life, then that situation will be affected. This is presumably what you want, right? Someone has bothered you enough to make you want to perform baneful magick upon them, so presumably you want the situation to change. The demon isn’t going to bonk you while it ravages your enemy (not in the fun way). But if you summon a demon to make someone overwhelmed by rage so that they destroy their friendships, and you are around them, then their rage may affect you in some way. You think you can handle that?

If not, then maybe baneful magick isn’t for you. Maybe you should let your enemies have their way with you instead, if the thought of interfering with someone else’s life and bringing demons into yours makes you shudder. If you keep your head down and display your lack of potency the thugs and predators may spare you and let you be their minion. I suppose it is your choice.

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