Question/proposal for E.A

Hey Eric, my wife and I have recently started a project together on developing a new system of tarot and we really feel that this idea falls into the criteria of pushing the envelope according to your writing proposal form. I have recently finished the prologue to the companion book and she has currently finished the artwork for two cards so far on her computer. This is a genuine idea that will change the concept of tarot forever but I have to apologize in advance because we’re in the beginning stages of this. To be honest with you we’re to fuckin excited, and we have to share this with you. We really want to further the BALG movement with breakthrough material and become members of the BALG family. We have the work ethic that your looking for and if you like our idea we will see to it that it becomes finished. To all the people on the forum I’m sorry for not posting any spoilers and being kind of vague about this but I want to have more to show for before I get to that.

Sorry guys, I’m going to bump this.