Question, prediction on changes within our Lifetime

So I’ve noticed that say from my grandparents, to me (Im 20), well alots changed in this world. From spiritual, to technological advancements, to what’s considered “normal”.

So I’m wondering about people’s predictions on what say 50 years in the future will be like compared to now/the present.

My particular interests are spiritual advancements, and paradigm possible shifts. Obviously technology is a concern. Anyone have opinions?

I’ve heard alot of those NEW AGE beliefs on what they think is gonna happen (spiritually), but I don’t believe that stuff fully. However I am curious on what realistically might happen as well. I mean not long ago, it wasn’t acceptable, even dangerous to practice magick, or believe in anything other then what you were told was truth (by religion)…so clearly some things have changed.

So just curious for input in ALL these areas.

That came with a widely spread materialism and irrelevance

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Gotta have some bad with the good. It’s like yin and yang

The universe sucks, honestly, it’s like one side of the plate is beef and the other side is a turd. Qabalah works somewhat like that as well, unless you reach Kether, there you don’t know if you are eating the beef, the turd or the plate or if you are eating nothing


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