Question on where to begin

Hello all My name is Lestat and I have a question on where to begin. I have 4 of E.A.'s books which are Questing after visions,Evoking Eternity(My favorite),Book of Azazel,and Works of Darkness. All of them great books with scores of information but I dont know where to begin as far as practicing the actual system. I have read post that say to start with Questing after Visions and others that say to start with Works of Darkness and another that says that Evoking Eternity is the place to start. Now I am not new to the occult. In the Past I,ve studied the Golden Dawn among other magical systems(although I’ve never done any successful evocations, I have done basic ceremonial magic rituals such as LBRP, LIRP,Middle Pillar,BRH, etc.) but none has intriged me as much as E.A.'s system has. I really want to start practicing the system so if anyone could steer me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.

I would start with Works of Darkness first, just for the exercises given and the lessons that will help one build up their senses. If you can already scry and perform the exercises given in WOD skip it and to to Evoking Eternity. I haven’t read QAV yet but I was under the assumption it was about soul travel so I would go that once your able to evoke so that entities can help you with that.

Thank You for your help I truly appreciate it.

I started with a combination of Evoking Eternity and Kingdoms of Flames, getting evocation to happen was really important for me to get my head around the idea that this was all “real”.

I agree with TWF but I would also throw in the invocation of omnipotence from EE since I found that the better I got at that the better my evocations become.