Question on The Topic of Hex Bags

Hallo!! I’m wondering if ‘hex bags’ are a legitimate thing or if it’s all just a Hollywood fabrication?? I’m interested to know more about them, like any origins, how they are made, how they work, etc, etc. Any and all advice and/or opinions are greatly appreciated.

Yes, they are a thing, though obviously not like they’re portrayed in television shows like Supernatural.

Basically, a “hex bag” is just a specialized type of gris-gris bag, like those used in the practice of Voodun, and other ATR’s. A gris-gris bag is essentially a type of talisman, usually consisting of herbs, stones, animal parts, and written incantations, wrapped in leather or cloth and sealed with ribbon or twine. The bag must be “fed,” or consecrated, in order to power it up and bring it to life. It is then carried on the person, usually around the neck for protection, or good luck.

Obviously, a baneful version would not be carried, unless the practitioner could surreptitiously secrete it upon their person somehow, but is usually buried on or near their property, where the target would come in contact with it.


What he said. Also look up “charm sachets” and “mojo bags”. It was not uncommon for people to simply carry magickal items in a pocket, or in thier shoe either. Sometimes it was just a way to carry magickal items when people didn’t have pockets, or wanted several small items not to get lost.

Hex usually means curse, and the application of charm bags is much wider than cursing, they were often used for protection and healing.