Question on Saint/Archangel Candles

Is this a Catholic thing, witchcraft, a voodou/hoodoo thing, or what exactly?
I know that many Africans kept their culture through adopting Caholicism in the past, and even Pentecostalism, while they still kept their African culture alive while masked through the slaveholders religion.
So, if I get a candle petitioning to Archangel Michael, is it actually the real archangel, or a different spirit?

It’s a Catholic thing.

The candle would represent Michael, unless your intention is for it to stand in for another. When a Voodoo practitioner uses such a candle, it is a disguise for the spirits they are really petitioning. It is their intent that matters.

Always remember, that the candle is just a candle, until it has been consecrated. In EA Koetting’s mastering evocation course, for example, he uses such “saint” candles in demonic evocations around his circle.


Appreciate it, I might just have to hit the Dollar Tree or local Bodega store.


I like to use the 7 day St. Michael candles and annoint them with frankincense oil and dedicate them ( charge them) to St Michael for protection.