Question on reincarnation?

I was listening to something on Numerology the other day. In it the guy said that our names can tell us a lot about our current lives.
Someone brought up the idea that a person could be named anything by their parents so how could a name be very important.
This guys response was that we (anybody now incarnate) are all sitting around trying to figure out what we want to learn in from the life we are leading. While we are sitting around waiting for a life, we know the name we want so that we can learn a lesson associated with that name.

Which brings me to this question, if we can learn things, that what sort of things are transferred to the next life.
What sort of information should I be learning so I can be smarter next time around.
(Jesus said something similar, he talked about storing up treasure in heaven, instead of having worldly things that will rot)
Anyway, what sort of lessons get transferred to the next life. I don’t remember anything from any previous life. I don’t even know if I even had a previous life or not? I would like to concentrate my attention on something that will be useful to me in the long run.

Or is this guy off his rocker and I should stop listening to stuff like this and concentrate on whatever tradition I decide to follow.


My interpretation of this related to similar ideas in older spiritual traditions, particularly Taoism. Humans have three treasures - the one associated with ‘heaven’, is Shen, i.e. your spirit.

Cultivate and strengthen your spirit and this is something you retain through incarnations.

It’s got not a lot to do with ‘lessons’ - you don’t have to buy into the “karma” trap enough to take baggage with you between lives if you don’t want to. That’s a trick to control you.

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I’ve always believed people acted like their names.

Funny you bring that up. My name is an anglicised version of Zechariah. It’s hebrew for “God remembers” and as the question of reincarnation comes up, I can’t help but believe that maybe the reason for my name is specifically to well “remember” who I am.

As for my beliefs on reincarnation, I can summarise them with one video

Most of our ideas seems to come out of the blue so you have to ask yourself what kind of influence takes way in this light bulb moment. Who’s to say we have no waver ,as spirits waiting to enter our bodies, in deciding our names before we enter in this dimension of life. Our current names are what we can choose to embody or identify with but it’s simply a point for the ego to anchor itself; “I AM” has no name it becomes what you Will it to be. As for taking knowledge from a past life into the present it wouldn’t be an easy task and that’s not to say you don’t unconsciously already have access to it. It might take something profound for you to even come to sliver in a crack of what your soul intrinsically knows and has integrated with its Self. So to my experience and belief an aspect of your current ego must undergo the simultaneous creation and destruction of its Self, in other words transformation must occur to know the present truth hidden that lies beyond the cocoon of ones present self. You’ll be presented with a choice and this choice on both ends holds what you desire however a word of advice the weight of damage has a price so know what is it that your higher self is willing to sacrafice in the greater scheme of life and/or eternity; the beauty in the destruction of ego can cause a lot of deep seeded conflict to arise which I believe to come in the form of past life transgressions. If knowledge is power then one must show a demonstration of their current power to whatever degree if one is to possess the body of information. If one is to obtain the blue flame of the serpents tounge one will lose all sight of the past but gain all knowledge of what they will become. You should give a look into the egyptian story of creation it most likely has the insight you seek.

Reincarnation is not the aim. spiritual knowledge cultivation is, according to mystical teachings, the aim is to go beyond the cycle of reincarnation, achieve transcendence

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i believe this is on par with what ive said on transcendence, the parable meaning I mean, I think so maybe its the same thing as what ive said