Question on Psychic Vampirism

OK, I read in the psychic vampire codex that you don’t want to take energy from the weak or the sick, because it’s not good energy—or something like that.

What if there’s a person in their 60s or 70s and I want to drain them to weaken them to get revenge?

Would you still recommend astral travel at night to drain the person’s energy even if they are old abd already getting weak? Or do you think that an older persons energy is really bad for you?

Is it a sick person?
Then again, if you know how to store, accumulate and cleanse energy, i don’t see the problem.
I understand the discussion from ‘dont drain negative energy’ etc, but energy is fluid imo.
It can be cleansed or transformed for the intent you want it

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There’s two individuals. They are in their 60s and 70s, not sick but elderly trying to make a false police report against me for “disturbing the peace.” I need to pick up my personal belongings from the house, but when I was going to go today, they called me and said that a police officer is waiting for me because they made a “citizen’s report” the night before, and are still trying to get me in trouble with the police by saying I made a physical threat the night before. Basically these two individuals are just trying to make things more difficult on me because of a personal agenda.

My intent is not to steal their energy, because I don’t want their elderly befative energy. My intent would be to drain them and make them feel sick and tired and to let them know that I am the one responsible for doing it, as I already told them that when they feel drained and out of energy tomorrow, they know I’m the one responsible.

Iwas just wondering if I can drain them of their negative energy, then ground it out—with the ultimate goal of making them feel drained and even sick.

when you do astral travel, try to plant some idea in their mind, the idea that match your revenge intent


Awesome point… I wasn’t sure if I should make myself into a beast, e.g., a wolf, with wings, talons, etc…

Or if I should just be myself so they recognize me. I already told them I’m gonna visit them in their dreams tonight if they sleep, and they’re going to be drained tomorrow…

Nobody said you got to take the energy into yourself, Channel It through you, feed it back to the Earth.

Effectively, you’re draining them without having to deal with their energy within your aura.

It’s always a good idea to cleanse your aura afterwards, though.