Question on healing paralyzed people


I have a question concerning healing.
Is it possible to magicaly help people with paralysis ?
I mean people like michael schumacher, who suffer since an accident, an agression or after a huge emotional shock.

Thanks for reading me.



I’ll give it to you straight, everything is possible with magick, but sometimes the physical body may or may not react to it the magick. We as humans follow natural processes and sometimes paralysis from for example a medular lesion May not be repaired by human medicine, but maybe magic could or could not help. Remember magick has to be feasible for it to manifest, so if you have a medular lesion and ask for help from the spirits it may or may not work. I hope I’m making sense.


Yes, it s pretty clear!
Thanks for your genuine and smart explanations!

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Possible.? Yes. Probable? Difficult to say.

It really depends on the severity and length of the condition. The body adapts, and once it does, it will resist any attempt to change it.

For example, I assisted several magicians in helping heal someone who was paralyzed in an accident, and, while we were successful in returning some sensation to the patient, they didn’t suddenly get up and walk again.


I see.

It s heart breaking.
I find interesting what you experienced with these people! Again, as you both explain, magick can in theory, but in practice it s more complex…
Thank you.


The thing is don’t give up (you or the affected party). Medical research is ongoing and we are still trying to find cures for everything, so a little magick doesn’t hurt anything. Point is if you can dream it and wish it there is no point in not trying magick, but you must also work towards the goal and accept the outcome! Good luck!


Thanks for your sound advices !
I ve been healed for minor things (skin trouble stress, little burning )and it worked properly ! I m also a 22 path number. Numerology suggests a high ability to manifest, which is true! I know magick exists because of those “strange” events.
Never give up, a quote i read on this forum when a magus asks for help.
Also, excuse me for the mistakes in the writings, i still learn english.again never give up!

Thanks !!


people who are paralyzed, need a couple things, more blood flow to get feeling back, herbal can help with that, and the oldest trick in the book they have to be willing and you have to trick the mind into its working with mirror trick to get movement back, i seen it done on people who said they will never walk again and walking today.

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Possible? Yes. Doable? Depends on a lot of factors not the least of which is the person has to be open to receiving that healing.

If they aren’t open to magickal healing, you’d be in an uphill battle to heal them against their subconscious and sometimes conscious belief systems with regard to the issue.

To explain that why it depends on various factors, if they believe they can’t be healed you’ll be fighting that belief and the outcome will likely depend on who’s will is stronger. Likewise if they believe magick is evil if you suggest it they’ll be consciously and unconsciously fighting against you because they don’t want to “sin” against their god’s commands.

So is magick healing of paralysis possible? Yes. Will it work on everyone? No. Why not? Because for example, if they don’t believe in it or are against it for religious or their loved ones have those views and they’re fighting it consciously or subconsciously for those reasons, your will will have to be stronger then theirs for it to succeed because when you get down to the nitty gritty magick is related to will and the stronger will will prevail.