Question on Geotia Workings and Negative Dreams

Something occurred to me recently after reading a Reddit post on nightmares after working with Goetic spirits. I myself have experienced this, though they seem to happen only when I meditate on or chant their enns. When I do a full on evocation, or at least my approximation of one following the Demons of Magick methodology (no tools, just imagined circle, calling Uriel, Raphael, etc., using their provided sigil which is bordered by angels, etc etc etc) as opposed to the full on traditionalist method, I can’t seem to recall any instance where nightmares occurred after the working, though I could be wrong. But if all I do is chant an enn, or stare at a sigil, the nightmares seem to occur quite regularly, and I’ll even get visits from other spirits that like to cause problems.

On the other hand, my most intense experiences have been by chanting the enns, primarily because if I sit around chanting an enn for 2 or 3 hours, I’m guaranteed to enter such a deep state of trance that I’ll even see Orbs, feel great heat, and other phenomena.

So here’s the question: Why DO the nightmares occur? Is this a sign of malevolence from the spirit? Though I find this hard to believe, since I’ve had experiences with Goetic spirits that seemed overwhelmingly positive. So what’s the explanation?


No. Nightmares are usually a pointer towards something in your waking world that is unfinished business, one way or another. Could be inner conflicts, could be outside stuff.
Spirits usualy like to tell us where we aren’t finished yet, in order to move forward. Dreams are a good medium to receive this message.


You have very good taste in books. Got to love Gene Wolfe.

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I have them all, though Book of the New Sun is my favorite.

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Most people sadly don’t appreciate the way he writes. But yeah, Book of the New Sun was an amazing experience, had to read it twice once I finally caught on how things really were. If you’re looking for a similar kind of vibe, try the Broken Empire trilogy by Mark Lawrence, first book isn’t that great, second one though is tied for favorite.

The protagonist is more of a psychopath and not as mysterious as Severian though. But the journey is epic, so is the protagonist. It’s set about a thousand or more years after a nuclear war, which they call the day of a thousand suns.

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Thanks very much! I’ve been looking for awhile for something that could capture the same type of feeling as Wolfe’s work.

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And if you’re into a cosmic horror type of Epic Fantasy you should look into the Second Apocalypse series, seven books by Scott Bakker. Not like Wolfe, and it starts slow, but holy shit man, you’ll have to see for yourself.

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And to cleaning. Dream are ways to put on the awareness surface what you repressed.

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