Question on experience

It’s been a moment since I’ve posted. I have had some new experiences and set backs. I decided after things began to level out that maybe I jumped too far too quickly and decided to go back to basics with breathing/meditation/works. I haven’t had anything really new happen until last night. I rolled off my side and sat up in my bed. My whole body was intensely vibrating and it felt like there was a weight around the vibrations that’s hard to explain outside it felt like it was pulling me back down towards the bed. I was looking around my room and nothing crazy was there, except the light in the room wasn’t the normal light of the daytime, but had a golden yellow hue to everything. I began noticing the difference in how the light was and then, within a blink, I opened my eyes and was still laying down on my bed on my side. I felt strong vibrations like this before in my vivid dreams and in the liminal, but have not felt the weight before surrounding them. (well there was the one dream where I might of met Lady Lilith, but this still felt different from that) I wonder if I had actually succeeded in astral projection, but that would be weird as I wasn’t attempting it or focusing on doing so this night. Anyone have a similar experience or advice?

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You went out of body basically :slight_smile: The weight was you holding/pulling yourself back which is a very normal thing to happen. My first experiences with astral projection were like this, too. I never tried anything it just happened, ending uo confused on the mirror plane. To go astral you need to make the travel which should be fairly easy once you are out. What works for me is to walk away from my body immediately and to be conscious of where I want to go.


It’s along the lines of OBE (out of body experience). Be cautious to know your surroundings when it happens. Make sure you know how to wake yourself up too from within it.

Most of the time when something like this happens to me it’s not something I’m trying to achieve. When I was sleeping 4 hours a night at university it happened more often than anywhere else, for a time I was afraid to sleep because of it. One thing is wanting to project and another is doing it when it feels painful and into a horror nightmare scene. That’s not the norm, that I’m aware of? But it’s been a lot of my experiences.

I feel an intense vibrating, see light, open my eyes and be somewhere that can mirrors reality or is vastly different.