Question on evocation

Hey guys so I did a evocation to Mammon last night, specifically the one on the forums where @Lady_Eva wrote on evocations. This was my first time doing it and I was wondering if there is anything else I can do to improve because all I felt was when I lifted my hand I felt heat on my hand for a bit and also like I was being watched and that’s it, so was this a good sign or you guys know what I can do to see more results?


I have done…a lot… With different types. Hear me out, please.

When I came to evocation, having done psychic and Tao exercises since near adolescence, I couldn’t feel them like I can now, due to the number of evocations I’ve done. And even then, it can vary, depending on the objective of the evocation.

When I first started evocation, it was because Hecate had come to me and I needed a way to talk back with her. One of my offerings was that I sang to her. I can still remember feeling foolish, but singing to her, because I knew I should. I felt her as a tingling on my left leg that grew as I knew she was moving.

We feel them as we can at that moment. We can have really open senses in ritual, but that’s not always how they come to us. I was driving and singing to her in the above example. Something I continue to do to this day.

Yet, sometimes, she comes more fully than others. As do the others that I also now sing to. Sometimes I can feel them against me, other times, I simply know they’re there and listening, appreciating.

When I first felt Hel, she felt like a cool pressure against my face. Now, she’s shifted and feels like a presence against my neck and chest. It’s simply how I feel her.

I had an angel I would sing to that I would feel pressure on my knees, like she was keeping her distance. This has changed, but that’s how it started out.

The point is that how each entity presents to us and makes themselves known can be individual not only to the person, but unique to the entity, too.

If you feel it’s Mammon (you KNOW it’s Mammon), then that’s how they present to you. I can go on, with a Djinn and other Goddesses, but they all present and feel differently.

Hope it helps.


on this link i have mentioned some of the best books about evocation personally i have used… i guess getting at least one will help you a lot on your journey…


Thanks for the replies guys very interesting and i will look into the link you sent