Question on evocation in Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand

It’s about the very last part where you breathe in and out the three evocation keys.

Do you breathe in and out each evocation key (just one word, not all three at once) or do you breathe in each evocation key while keeping in mind that there are two other keys

I have no idea , but I’ve been working with Archangels for years so I could answer other questions .

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Which archangel is best for a Q&A session?

The one you most feel drawn to , I’ve worked with The Archangel Michael all my occult life tho .


You breathe in one Evocation Key, and then breathe it out into the room.

You then full yourself with the next Key, and breathe it out.

You finish with the third, breathing it in, and out.

As you breathe out each Key, you repeat the angel’s name in your mind.


So you breathe in and out the key without keeping in mind there are two others?

So you focus on each key individually?

Yes. If you are breathing the Keys out into the room, then you are past the point in the ritual where you have to keep them all in mind.

You have already given the call for visible appearance so…

"It’s important to remain in a receptive state, but rather than sitting there and seeing if anything happens, you can actively work to increase the presence of the Evocation Keys. Most likely you have forgotten them by now…

Once again, recall all the Evocation Keys for the archangel…Feel the first Key and let it build within you. When you can feel it strongly, breathe it out into the room so that it fills the space. As you do this, repeat the name of the archangel in your mind, while keeping your gaze on the space before you."


Thank you, kinda off topic but have you seen an angel and are they speaking loud in your head?

With me they don’t speak loud as I’ve got no clue how to improve my clairaudience/clairvoyance

Are you able to communicate with them in full. (Angels speaking in full sentences). With me they only give short answers

Short answers are still answers. Are you expecting spirits to be loquacious? Both angels and demons generally speak only as much as they think is required.


Yes, I only find Sandalphon The most talkative

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While breathing in and out the keys, do I need to stare at the seal/sigil or should I stare at the empty space before me

I already answered that question in my post above with a direct quote from the book:

Ah i should’ve read it more carefully

Dont worry, it’s the style of the book. Its funny ive been doing a ritual and totally missed the point and performed something different to what is asked - the intention is there thats the main thing - even when re-reading - i have to turn the book into a recipe book of my own with bullet points, i find a lot of distracting waffle - i get it, you need the theory behind it all and thats great but there comes a point where it needs to be come practical - at which point scimming pages to find the bit you needed without 4 lines of background text is hard.

Read, make notes - that’s my recommendation

As for Q&A depends… Metatron is listed as a go-to for help if you’re unsure what to do but I see youtube videos Q&A’ing with Michael all the time

As for the voices you hear, it can be a simple instant respo nse to a question you have, almost as if you thought it or youre talking to yourself, but you recognise it next time around after the answer is proven

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