Question on envoking and petition

Hi, so I have a question and need a real answer and not jokes or insults please, thank you.

What happens when I try to petition one of the dukes or kings from the Ars Goetia? Am I forming a relationship with them or can I just have like a one off where I can just do a petition and not have to form a relationship with it. I’m only planning on envoking once with a situation I’m currently in and not trying to form a relation.

Yes, you can petition as a “one off.” Going on a single date with a human wouldn’t qualify as a relationship of any sort so why would the first summoning of a spirit?

However, it is important that you realize when you evoke ANY spirit, that spirit will forever be with you.

Time doesn’t exist for multidimensional spirits the way it does for physical beings such as ourselves, so what the above means is that, from the moment you contemplate calling a spirit, that spirit remains aware of you in the past and the present. Even if you never call upon a particular spirit again, that spirit will still be “with” you in a way.


Thank you for your help.

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