Question on energy I can see?

Okay so I’ve asked about this type of energy I can see before but after really thinking on it, I realized it may not be ambient energy or a different type of energy? I’m not sure.

I realized from well my daily 20 years of living + seeing this energy, IS THAT I can only really see it STRONGLY at night.

During the day, if I focus I can sorta see it but it’s weak in my vision. However at night it’s like everything glows with this energy.

During the day if I don’t visually focus I don’t notice it - it’s not very strong during the day aka

The energy like I described before looks like light particles. However I don’t think it’s normal earth ambient energy because I can’t see this real well during the day. Except if I look at say a blank piece of white paper (the paper glows) or at the sky. Everywhere else I can YES still see it but it’s visually weak…

However at night everything is practically glowing (as this energy seems to cover everything or be everywhere). I’ll look at my arm and I legit look like glowing particles. I can still obviously see my body but I’m made up of/covered by tiny glowing particles as is everything else.

During the day my arm/body/external surroundings/other people looks normal basically

So I’m trying to narrow this down.

. Energy that is VISUALLY brighter at NIGHT - WEAK during the day UNLESS I’m looking at something like a BLANK white piece of paper/sky.
. Appearance : micro sized glowing white particles - not sure if there are black ones to or if that’s the space between the white ones. (They are micro sized and probably like trillions of them idk)
.They don’t move around except maybe vibrate in place.
. At night it does not impact my vision in any negative manner. Does not “cover or make it hard to see”, in fact the opposite if to a small degree helps me see better at night since everything is glowing due to the particles to a degree.

Any ideas? I’m just trying to find the best way to describe whatever I’m seeing. It’s hard to describe, you’d have to be able to see it to know what I’m seeing. Thanks.

ambient energy is basically the energy in the environment, it’s not uncommon that some people see it better during certain times of day, but I’m unsure why they work that way, some see it as particles others see it as fuzzy static around them, but it’s energy coming from us, animals, plant life, etc and going into the leylines and the leylines giving that energy back out and we and all aforementioned absorbing said energy.

It’s a constant cycle.


Yeah, I was unsure because I know last time you told me it was ambient energy but then I was wondering why I can barely see it during the day?

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It’s possible that it seems weaker during the day because it is “whited” out by direct sunlight. That’s why it is easier to see during the night, when the available light for your eyes is much lower.


Actually that makes sense. So then can everyone see this then? Since it was mentioned that some just see it better at different times of day?

I’ve asked around (my family can’t see it) but I wonder if I described it wrong to them or something.

Seeing ambient energy visually doesn’t seem to be too common, but I think most people can train themselves to do so if they choose to. However, it is far more common for people to feel the energy of things, rather than see it, because “the vibe” of something is generally caused by the chi of a place or object interacting with the person’s own energy field.

Unfortunately, feeling energy is also easier to write off as imagination, as we interact with ambient energy all the time, so it is natural to tune it out unless it gives us a sense of danger or makes us uncomfortable.

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I can see ambient energy but feeling more, I can feel when the ambient energy shifts with the seasons, etc, for me ambient shows as static.

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Well yeah I can definitely feel the vibes of people/places (like cities always have a “feel” to them) and I noticed Churches have a “vibe” for some reason to…

I’ve been using the ability to feel energy to practice vampirism to, (I’m not sure if I’m an energy vampire but I’m testing it out to see if I feel better if I do) and been feeling who’s energy feels “healthy”/good then trying to “pull” that energy from people to me.

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I think I can see the ambient energy better then I can feel it. Or maybe equal. During the day my vision in terms of seeing it sucks, but at night it’s natural and strong. For me it’s static/particle like. It basically overlays my Physical vision and I’ve never been able to NOT see it, so I don’t know different.

I love the seasonal energy shift particularly fall/winter. I like the feeling much better then summer plus I hate hot weather/sunlight since I’m always getting headaches/feeling sick if I’m out in it/the heat.

I really dont like the fall/winter shifts, it has soo much nostalgic feeling to it that brings annoying self reflection moments lol

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I like it, I get those weird but familiar feelings in the winter – especially at night. It’s calming. However I can never make sense of any “feeling” I get in terms of something feeling familiar…kinda like when I meditate and get those familiar feelings/mental images.

Spring has a nice energy to it to, lifelike but summer is eh.

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turn off the lights at night and do your energy work cultivation practices in the dark. you will have better chance to see your aura and energy. The dark black background of your surrounding allows you to see energy better. They do this with learning to see aura too. Put oneself against a black wall or black mirror.

don’t be so obsess with seeing energy. more important how can energy help you and how can you use it to improve when you access seeing energy? Many energy workers use different colors as diagnosis of health of body.

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I don’t obsess, there’s litterly nothing to seeing ambient energy except for seeing it.

The only thing I’m excited about seeing is spirit/entity energy which is a result for working on my energy/third eye.

Thanks, I’ll try at night and see how seeing my aura goes.

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I know this post is a few months old, but can you also see energetic outlines of things? It’s just that this accurately describes what I see, yet time to time it’s like I can see the outline of a human or huge spider in that space, kind of like the ambient energy goes around it. And then some other weird things I can’t put my hand on.

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I mean I tend to see a faint white glow around people sometimes. As well as other stuff. Not sure about all of it.

Same. I think that’s just how I interpret aura’s at a glance, with it being a faint liquid glow. I was just curious as sometimes it seems like the ambient energy literally takes a form into a person and has something that looks like it’s moving, or some outline is “occupying” the space. So I started questioning if it was ambient energy :sweat_smile:

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