Question of offering I don't know what to offer to Spirit

It might sound stupid but I wonder what can be the best offering for a Spirit And i would like to know your opinion guys what offer to him in exchange for his service.I’m going to do a pact but I dont know what offer to Spirit I’m going to make a pact for the Fame And success in my music career.Any tips for good offerings? Please help… And sorry for my english.

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Offerings vary depending on which spirit / Demon/ Ancient you plan on working with. Rather than leaping straight into a pact, why not research ones that you feel drawn to and you think could help and then do an evocation?

Each one is different and when you find one you think you want to evoke you can ask for that ones specific offering likes and dislikes.


Ask the spirit.

A pact is a contract between you and the spirit so you need to know what the spirit wants from you before making one. Make sure the spirit agrees to a pact, as you cannot make a pact without the spirit’s agreement. Also, you don’t get to choose the offering or sacrifice, it is up to the spirit. Pacts are binding for both of you so you need to negotiate and be clear on the terms.

We can give you basic ideas as to what is common for offerings, like wine, or art or chocolate, but for a binding pact, it is personal between you and the spirit. It may want something specific from you, like your time or attention, or an altar. We have no way of knowing.


From the beginning I want to make a petition and I ask him to see if he will agree or not :slightly_smiling_face:

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Once the spirit agrees to the pact, then you can talk terms. It might ask for something simple, or it might ask for something outrageous to test you. It all depends on the spirit, and what you are willing to give. If it asks for something outrageous, simply state that you can’t do that, and negotiate or threaten to walk away. Some may try to push for as much as you are willing to give them, but chances are good that the spirit you want to call already knows about your intention and knows what it wants in exchange.

Once terms are settled, make sure you keep your end of the deal. Otherwise the spirit will muck with your life until you do. Most take pacts very seriously.


i know how u feel i was told you can offer me something only you can give me idk what that is i bet most of yall know who im talking about

Is there a list of what demons like?

No, as every demon is an individual and has their own preferences, likes and dislikes. If you want some ideas though, check out the chapbook on offerings by S. Connolly: