Question... In regards to Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub

Was conversing with a new friend, who is also
New to the LHP.
Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub…
Are they the same? Are the unique?

No they’re different, Satan can be a title held by multiple beings (unless you choose to consider it a singular entity that’s fine too) Lucifer and Beelzebub imo are brothers (but that’s a different story imo)

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They are supposed to be different spirits , Satan is known as a title , by dictionary definition it means “ the chief evil spirit “

Definitely separate beings …and I agree with @Velenos & @NailOH Satan a title…if you type in the search bar there’s some interesting threads that you can read…that will show many Different perspectives and theories…

These are purely my personal opinions based on the benefit of my studies and experiences with Satan.

Satan is a job description. It’s the Hebrew word for ‘adversary’. He really only shows up twice in the Bible and in both cases, his role is to act as the accuser of a righteous man before the throne of God. However, most of the time the word is used, it is preceded by the definite article. (i.e. “the Satan” not just “Satan”) This indicates a title or description, not a name.

Lucifer is a Roman god that got mixed up in this by Christians for reasons. That’s not to say I don’t use the name and concept of that spirit. It’s become a huge egregore in our culture. In my opinion, Lucifer is an aspect of Samael, consort of Lilith, and the Dark Father archetype to Lilith’s Dark Mother.

Beelzebub is probably a corruption of Ba’al Zebul. Ba’al means ‘Lord’ and it was the name of a Canaanite god. This aspect is the Lord of Flies.

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Thanks everyone for reaching out. I have alot to learn.
So in other words would it be right to say, that the term Satan, is more of a term christians use?
Lucifer, from what Ive also heard, was once an angel, cast out from heaven because he was fed up of gods treatment.
And so Beelzebub is more of a demon and the brother of Lucifer?

In Christian theology, all demons are canonically fallen angels. They’re the 1/3rd of the angelic host that fell with Lucifer.

In reality, many (not all) demons are pagan gods that were ‘remixed’ in the Middle Ages into demons on the idea that any spirit that isn’t YHVH or one of his angels is a demon. Compare, for instance, Astarte and Astaroth, Ba’al and Bael, etc. A lot of the traditional images we have of Satan are taken from various male fertility gods like Pan.

Personally, and this really is just me, I tend to use the name Satan to refer to all of the Adversarial spirits collectively. In that sense, I am Satan and so are you, if you want to be. I’m not really up on Islamic theology but I believe that’s how they use the term Satan: To describe anyone or anything that exalts itself apart from Allah.

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Bael is said to be beelzebub, Lucifer is supposed to be who opposes The Archangel Michael , Bael is said to oppose Yahweh by various sources . Different religions call different entities “Satan “, like in one , Andrealphus is a good God ( Yezidi religion ), while some books state he is a wicked demon . So there honestly is no real answer , reading more and more leads to a broad view. Some call the Baphomet Satan . The argument is never ending .

I view Beelzebub as Enlil and Lucifer as Enki :man_shrugging: Satan is a title that was slapped on majority of the Gods who were the horned Gods among Gods who were put in the adversarial position due to politics like Set.

However, a lot of the goetia I don’t believe were Gods at one point, those names are their own beings as in Goetia Amon and Egyptian Amon aren’t the same, and if they were that technically would mean the goetia doesn’t exist because said Gods are very much around and they are not in the least under Lucifer like the goetia are.

Ime/imo the goetia are separate from the Gods, except for say Ishtar who isn’t a goetia but does have a name within the infernal empire.

A few people think the Gods use the title goetia for some weird “reason” but I honestly believe that’s just a way to ignore what is actually there because to accept such would mean the experience has holes.

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I think it’s also important to note that certain LHP denominations such as Demonolatry regard Satan as the All, and nothing exists outside it. The Source energy that is present in all things perceived in the Universe. Maybe this supports the reason why Satan has been used and labeled as a title since ancient times?

I have no experience with contacting or communicating with Satan, but I imagine it would be like summoning something typifying a direct and primordial force rather than a singular entity. The absolute presence of change and evolution in the Universe.

I wouldn’t say that’s why it’s been used, especially given it means the adversary I doubt it would be a name for the source(s) outside of that particular paradigm that came later.

They are separate entities,with totally different characters.