Question in how the ascendant figures into you, in all ways

I am attempting to create my map.

In my sun sign (Resh, Yesod to Hod), I am a Libra (Lamed, Tiphareth to Geburah, Justice). Sol, Jupiter, Uranus in Libra.
In my moon sign (Yesod), I am a Leo(Teth, Geburah to Chesed, Strength/Lust). Moon in Leo.
In my ascendant, I am a Scorpio(Nun, Netzach to Tiphareth, Death). Neptune in Scorpio.
In my Descendant, I am a Taurus(Vav, Chesed to Chokmah, Hierophant). Saturn in Taurus.

My Tarot associations -
Character Card – Queen of Swords (Water of Air)
Alternative Character Card – King of Swords (Fire of Air)
Root Symbol – Ace of Swords (Spirit of Air)
Archetypal Symbol – Justice
Personal Symbol – 3 of Swords (Sorrow)
Preceding Personal Symbol – 2 of Swords (Peace)
Progressive Personal Symbol – 4 of Swords (Truce)

However, what I fail to understand is how my Ascendant (Scorpio with Neptune in there) makes me fall under the Swords. Libra (Sun, Jupiter, Uranus) is my twelfth house).

Yes, this is beginner material, but has for some reason always eluded my understanding.

How does this map out to all the sephiroth, force acting on force, this of that, sextiles, squares, trines, oppositions and all that?

Does it enable me more for white magick, grey magick, dark magick, or does it not matter what magick path I undertake?

If it is an exercise for the reader (me), that is fine to say exactly that.

By the way, I apologize in advance for all prior insults and temper tantrums (this was also posted on usenet where I was not acting too mature at times), and thank in advance those who respond with further insight for me.


James Del Fuego

Also, if you create your own sigil, how do you figure out the square? Is it only the gematria of the full name, or does it count in astrological details or toehr details as well?


James Del Fuego