Question from an old thread : selling your soul?

This is an old thread.
And it confused the shit out of me.
Um…This is basically selling your soul?
Lady Eva also commented on this saying that ‘you would leave your essence for the entity’ for something in return like help with ascension and development and she also mentioned that one of her relatives wanted to be a demon and that was his/her bargain. What does this mean? Well you leaving your essence on this planet. Lets assume the planet get’s destroyed, would our essence be also destroyed? And we can practically become a demon by leaving our essence for the entity we are striking a deal with? What really happens after leaving our essence? And what is this essence anyways?

Lol I really cannot help but laugh and feel siked? But I also do recongise that this is something big. We are giving something huge away for power. I guess…I don’t even know anymore.

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There are no bibles for magick. What you read are opinions, you can accept any of them or reject them based on your own convictions and experience.

For example. Personally I don’t agree with any of that, with all respect to everyone. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. So it’s really up to you and each individual to decide.

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Lol I would love to be a powerful demon though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like you already are :grinning:

Even if we don’t agree with some ideas and opinions, most important is to truly understand them and express our disagreement with respect.

Did you read the thread? If you have questions about the concept you can contact Lady_Eva and ask her to explain it to you. Once you fully understand it, then you can agree or disagree with it.

Many concepts in magick sound totally crazy and doesn’t make any sense, but they’re actually very accurate based on testing and practice. So my opinion is not to judge those ideas or any other, based on your first impression… dig deeper and you may find something different than what you see on the surface.


What if you never had an essence? lol what if you were born without one…

That would mean you do not exist. Please read my previous reply. Understand the concept first, then agree or disagree or argue or debate. Start with the meaning of the word “Essence” that should point you to the right direction.

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Oh and thank you for editing the topic for the thread. Was struggling to find something attractive to gain views and something that could conclude my topic.

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You’re most welcome, thank you for your understanding.

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