Question for the lust magick adepts out there

have you ever used magick to pull a girl this attractive? if not, what is the highest number (in terms of 1 to 10 scale) of girl you’ve been able to pull? it would also help if you stated your own number on the attractiveness scale. I’m working on something, and i just want to see what the upper limits may be


Isn’t that criteria highly subjective though? People always see themselves as better looking than they are, or uglier than they really are.

A 1-10 scale is not quantifiable in terms of something as immaterial as “attractiveness.”

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i realize that, but this is the best we’ve got. You can use the link i posted as a barometer of what i view as a 9/10 out of 10

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You don’t need magick, you need a credit card.


Yeah…that’s a 7 at best.

Anyway, I was just wondering what your criteria was for your experiment. Good luck :slight_smile:


you guys dont have to give a number, just describe to me the best you’ve managed to pull via magick

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I’ve never had to use magick to get someone. If what you linked is what you consider a 9 out 10, then I’ve had that without having to resort to any kind of spell. I will say, though, that my personal criteria for attractiveness is less predicated on outward appearance than on certain characteristics that appeal to me.


I suck at lust magick and love spells but I can bring someone new into my life. I’m more into Latin women than blondes I guess so I would concur and say she is a 7.


Gonna say I am not a fan of silicon or “enhancements” and the personality usually matches the look. It’s either attracted or not for me, not a scale and that girl is not. Take out all the fake stuff then possibly. If I am in a relationship though any woman is not apart from my partner.

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No you just use spankings :joy:

To win hearts :heart:

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i guess you could call that a form of magick, baby girl :wink:

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Now i have a new Goal

I can feel the Lust from a Mile away :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


my man

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Your upper limits are what you believe that you can get.

Hmm…self-involved women - just like self-involved men - like the picture example above, makes her a 3/10, rather than a 9-10/10. Just look at her more in-depth: She’s what Swedes would call a “linslus”, which is roughly translated to a Lense Lice, more commonly known in English as a “photo bomber”. We could even call her Maleficent and put a mirror in front of her face, so she can chant:

That’s just my “first impression”, though. Who knows? She could be the most amazing woman there is, once breaking the shells of shallowness of how she act to find acknowledgement and fame. And, she has tattoos. I like that.

why is everyone so fixated on the image i posted? ignore the image…its not the main point of the thread

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…because you also wrote this:

…which, inevitable, creates replies about personal criterias of what’s “attractive” and “less attractive” on a first impression scale.

But, but, but…it’s right there, poking the curiousity to “grade” and “judge” it on a scale from 1-10. You, unintentionally and unconsciously, asked for it. :wink:

To answer your first question, though: I haven’t used magic to “pull a girl”. Unless the Letter To Lilith evocation to pull a succubus counts? Then I’ve successfully pulled an 11/10. :blush:


I would call you Frater all day long if you summoned me a hot Chica. :dancer:t2::heart_eyes:

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speaks in black ghetto woman

Ohh, so now we ain’t good enough for you. Huh…?!

No, I haven’t. But… yeah, i’ll tap that booty. :ok_hand:

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