Question for the astrology/planet-energy nerds

Okay, so I understand a bit of astrology and it’s spiritual significance however I’m not as good at correspondences and balancing as I’d like to be so I’m trying to think about what elemental work I should do to ground myself.

I was looking at my natal chart again because it just occurred to me how easy it is for me to control fire energy. I know that you can have elemental imbalances (which is evident for me since literally half of my planets are in a fire sign) I was wondering if you can have imbalances based on signs (for me 4 of my 5 fire planets are in Aries; namely my Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn).

I also have my moon in Virgo and my ascending sign is Scorpio, which I think balances the Aries cluster just a tiny bit. But I’m still curious how an Aries-dominate natal chart would affect my magic other than an easier time with flaming energy.

And if this isn’t a problem and I can balance this out using typical, neutral-energy meditation and grounding methods, how can my dominate sign be used to my advantage?


:thinking: i cant speak as to the effect with timing and elemental magic since i never checked my chart when i dove in but one thing you may want to check on occasions is how the transits interact with you natal chart. Planetary work is not unfortunately as simple as just going over the natal chart. That said if you have Alot of energetic alignment on one end you may be able to work with that elelment easier, again not somethin i looked into.

But if you feel timing is important with your magic and it seem to you to be going wonky keep an eye on how your natal planets are interacting with the transits.

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I am a lil bit of a mad man as i tend to push my methods and ideas to where they may detonate in the face. Buuut a good method i found to atune myself to a desired element was to “ground” myself to it. As you can imagine the effects can be a bit extreme as you are seating your being IN the element and saturating yourself in it rather than dispersing it. In a way you could look at it as progressive possesion by the element.

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Grounding in an element, huh? That actually sounds like a pretty good idea. Earth elements tend to fight with me quite a bit so even though I need to do work in that element at times (mostly with nature magic and crystals), I feel more at home working with Fire energies. I guess I’ll have to try it sometimes.

Look into sunstone and red tirger eyes stones they have a good mix of fire and earth. I would advise also spend some extra time on the element you are weakest at. An odd thing i keep finding is in where i find weakness, once it is passed it becomes great strength.

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There’s a book on planetary and astrological correspondences called the Rulership Book by Rex E Bills. It’s supposedly very good - I don’t know if that might answer some of your questions.

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To the OP … How do you classify each of the ten planets by the four elements?
In the studies I took on, they had these attributes:
Planet. Element. Rules. Exalted. Sphere.
Sol. Fire. Leo. Aries. Tiphareth
Luna. Water. Cancer. Yesod.
Mercury. Air. Gem,Vir. Virgo. Hod
Venus. Fire. Tau,Lib. Netzach
Mars. Fire. Aries. Cap. Geburah
Jupiter. Water. Sag. Chesed
Saturn. Earth. Aqu,Cap. Lib. Binah
Neptune. Water. Pisces. Chokmah
Pluto. Fire. Scorpio. Daath
Uranus. Air. Aquarius. Kether

When we would refer to planets in an element, it was actually referring to for each element what signs they were deposited in, and based on that, when the signs were grouped by element, the question was really how many planets are in each element trio.
So you have Sol, Mars, Mercury and Saturn in Aries.
Moon in Virgo.
Scorpio Asc.

Where are the other five?

Look at it like this:
Sign Trio. Element. Num Planets
Ari,Leo,Sag. Fire. 4
Tau,Vir,Cap. Earth. 1
Gem,Lib,Aqu. Air
Can,Sco,Pis. Water


Off the top of my head my Jupiter is in Pieces and my Pluto is in Sagittarius. I’ll take a look at my chart again once I get home. I have 1 other planet in a water sign and 2 in an Air sign but I can’t remember which ones go where.

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Okay so according to my chart my elemental breakdown is this;

:aries:️ Aries (Fire); Mars, Sol, Saturn, Mercury

:virgo:️ Virgo (Earth); moon

:sagittarius:️ Sagittarius (Fire); Pluto

:aquarius:️ Aquarius (Air); Neptune, Uranus

:pisces:️ Pieces (Water); Venus, Jupiter

Fire: 5, Earth: 1, Air: 2, Water: 2

4 Cardinal, 2 Fixed, 4 Mutable

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Starting at Pisces, Venus and Jupiter. Jupiter rules this sign. It used to be Neptune.
Aquarius has Neptune, and Uranus (Uranus natural ruler, uses to be Saturn).
Sagittarius has Pluto which is the current ruler of the sign preceding (Scorpio, where your ascendant is).
Virgo has Luna (rules Cancer and exalted in ).
Aries has Mars (ruler of sign, used to rule Scorpio), Sun (exalted in Aries), Saturn (this planet rules Capricorn and is exalted in Libra), and Mercury (which rules Gemini and Virgo, exalted in Virgo).


So again i cant really say how much this data will effect you element magic, but with regard to balancing with planetary magic, if you go further and look at which signs you have in the sign and the house you can use it to overcome conflicting energies that may be hindering goals.

Another option is experimenting with the elemental or planetary energies and aiming them at the House they are in towards changing it to the desired state.

So just going off this info (and this is by no means a complete list), Aries is the sign of initiative,action,war,beginnings, protection along with other things.

Mars the planet of war and Action rules it

the Sun is exhalted or most powerful in aries, it is what you express with your conscious mind and continued focus, where you goals are.

Saturn deals with limitations, obstacles, disciple, death

Mercury deals with travels, communications, intellect, commerce and magick

An example of The way this translates to me and how you could use magick with it is your energies and focus are big into taking action toward your goals, due to Saturn being here you may have issues expressing this at times depending on how mercury mingling with the others and how much discipline you use.

If this was the case you could use water magick to improve expression and communication, or you could USE Saturn to banish and bind the limits and obsticales placed in your life thay hinder you from expressing yourself.

This would also depend on which house each planet is it but the basic idea still works.


If you want to balance yourself so the 4 elements are evenly distributed you want to spend time making your magick mirror. Are you familiar with this technique?

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If you’ve ever had success with Chinese systems, maybe Wood, rather than Earth, may be a helpful element?

And there’s the western concept of elements “of” elements, such as “Earth of Water” or “Fire of Air” - below is the first link I found, might be a way to ease in?


Maybe. If I remember correctly I am a Wood Tiger so that’s probably why I like growing plants despite being weakest with the Earth element.

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